Our Mission

The mission of St. Joseph’s Academy is to educate young women as responsible and unifying members of the world community.

In the spirit and charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Joseph’s Academy offers opportunities for faith development in the Catholic tradition, academic excellence and personal growth.

Our Values

St. Joseph’s Academy values education that seeks the development of the whole person.

An atmosphere of warmth and encouragement promotes both academic achievement and the formation of relationships among all members of our learning community, resulting in students’ emotional and social growth. The school’s college-preparatory curriculum includes the theoretical and practical sciences, the arts and humanities and religious studies. The curriculum is rich in selection and based on clear and measurable expectations of student learning through the use of curriculum mapping, course syllabi and assessment rubrics. A vibrant visual and performing arts program ensures a well-rounded educational experience.

The combination of rigorous academics, co-curricular activities, interscholastic athletics, a comprehensive counseling program, college advising and a total learning environment responds to the characteristics and needs of students as adolescents; as members of an affluent society; as young women seeking to form personally fulfilling career plans; as healthy and physically fit young adults; and as persons living in the 21st century

As SJA strives to educate young women in the spirit and charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph, service is a vital part of the curriculum. The service program demonstrates that experiential learning is a critical component of classroom learning and faith development.

The faculty, parents and students of St. Joseph’s Academy believe that those in the school are both capable of and responsible for creating a life-enhancing environment. They affirm the importance of giving attention to the quality of life for everyone in the school, not just for the students, but for all who live there each day. They believe, finally, that striving to live the values of Jesus – love, justice and service – is truly the way to grow in the art of living.

Portrait of a Daughter of St. Joseph

Eyes open on a world both miserable and sinful, but a world worked on by the Holy Spirit;
Eyes open and ears attentive to the sufferings of the world;
Eyes open, ears attentive and spirit alert, never settle down, always in disquietude, searching… in order to understand, to divine what God and the dear neighbor await from her today, now, for the body and for the soul;
Eyes open, ears attentive, spirit alert, sleeves rolled up for ministry, without excluding the more humble, the less pleasing, the less noticeable.
Finally, in her face the reflection of the virtue proper to our Congregation, “continual joy of spirit.”
This is the quiet inner glow of the woman whose life in the service of Jesus Christ has been successful.

-Father Marius Nepper


Among SJA’s guiding principles are the annual themes inspired by the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Each year, one of the four themes guides our Academy community.

•  Relationships: Sacred Threads that Connect
•  Leadership: Weave One Heart
•  Great-Hearted Love: Serving the Dear Neighbor
•  We Are All One: Gifted and Transformed by the Spirit