The electives offered at SJA help girls find their unique passions and hone their creativity.

St. Joseph’s Academy offers a wide range of electives to complement our curriculum offerings and support our overall philosophy of meeting the needs of the whole student. Elective courses provide meaningful ways for young women to advance their God-given gifts and talents; discover and explore their unlimited and unique potential; unlock and improve new skills; and gain valuable insight into possible career choices. 

A Look at Opportunities in the Arts


For questions regarding Academics at SJA, please contact our Dean of Academics:
Aubrey DeJohn
Dean of Academics
(225) 388-2269

Our Campus

SJA continues to expand and enhance our campus with specialized facilities designed to provide spaces for our students to develop their passions and hone their talents. Among the recent additions to our campus are:

The Fife Student Commons is the newest addition to campus. The 5,000-square foot building provides comfortable dining seating for 300 students and auditorium-style seating for up to 400 students. With wraparound arcades and floor-to-ceiling arched windows, the space is filled with natural light, providing enticing spaces for individual and group study, gathering spots, club meetings and evening events.

The Academy Student Center  includes a multipurpose gymnasium, fitness room, lobby space, locker rooms and concession area. The 23,150-square foot facility enables student-athletes to compete in a state-of-the-art space while meeting the health and wellness educational needs of the entire student body.  

The Andrea Clesi McMakin ’74 STEM Lab, which contains 3D printers and laser cutters and is the classroom for our Engineering courses and home to our Robotics team, is located in Medaille Hall. Our emphasis on the science, technology, engineering and math disciplines has led to SJA being named a STEM School of Excellence by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. 

We invite you to visit campus to see our facilities for yourself.