Meet Our Faculty

Our exceptional faculty is what makes SJA great. We have passionate, creative teachers who care deeply for their students.

The dedicated faculty at St. Joseph’s Academy present at and attend nationwide conferences on a variety of subjects, including technology, spiritual growth and leadership.

Faculty members receive national, regional, state and local awards for excellence in teaching, as well as grants for further study and instructional programs.  

Teachers are given the freedom to use their talents in their classrooms. They develop quality relationships with their students, administrators and peers and are supported in their efforts to provide learning that makes a difference. They recognize the importance of both the content of a particular discipline and the processes that provide order, direction and opportunity for active learning.

Faculty members are committed to providing personal attention to each student. They are actively involved with students during class time and are available before school hours, during free periods and after school.

Teachers affirm the importance of personalizing the Catholic Christian tradition and heritage in an atmosphere of community and service. 

SJA provides monthly faculty professional development which includes up-to-date studies, trends, educational tools and topics in education.

Department Chairs

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For questions regarding Academics at SJA, please contact our Dean of Academics:
Aubrey DeJohn
Dean of Academics
(225) 388-2269

SJA Leadership

Jan Rhorer Breen ’69, President
Stacia B. Andricain, Principal
Aubrey DeJohn, Dean of Academics 
Aimee Wiles Urdiales '93, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction
Christina Myles, Dean of Women

Portrait of an SJA Teacher

Embracing the mission of St. Joseph’s Academy, the faculty member is grounded in personal integrity and faith, being a role model while striving for excellence in all things.

Welcoming a diversity of learners, serving in “gentleness, joy and peace” while creating a student-centered government;

Committed to life-long learning, an expert in a chosen discipline of teaching;

Leading in building a community of faith and solidarity with worldwide colleagues, the SJA faculty member reaches out to the “dear neighbor” so that “all may be one.”