SJA is committed to giving every student the tools she needs to meet and exceed her academic goals.

St. Joseph’s Academy uses a variety of approaches, methods and interventions to accommodate all students. To meet a variety of needs and to help all students reach their full potential, SJA offers the following resources.


For questions regarding Academics at SJA, please contact our Dean of Academics:

Aubrey DeJohn
Dean of Academics
(225) 388-2269


Our grade-level counselors support our students during all four years at SJA. From freshman year to senior year, each counselor works with her class, ensuring that students are supported and nurtured. Should a student need traditional mental health counseling, her grade-level counselor or our wellness coordinator can refer her to a mental health counselor. 

Allison Hipwell Bruton '95
Counseling Center Director
College Advisor (A-L)
(225) 388-2299
Ellen Smith Frazier
College Advisor (M-Z)
(225) 388-2251

Mary Beth Elfert
Class of 2024 Counselor
(225) 388-2281

Alexandra (Ally) Giardina
Class of 2025 Counselor
(225) 388-2281

Kellie Wintz '02
Class of 2026 Counselor
(225) 388-2223

Lindsay Carlino '02
Class of 2027 Counselor
(225) 388-2225

Melissa Shaw '96
Wellness Educator
(225) 388-2347