Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about applying to SJA or life as an SJA student?

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers. If you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions Office. We are happy to help.

How many students are enrolled at SJA?


What is the average class size at SJA?

The average class size is 24-26 students.

Why should we consider an all-girls’ school for our daughter?

Research affirms that adolescent girls perform better academically, feel more positive about school, have greater educational aspirations and hold more favorable attitudes toward academic study in an all-girl environment. The presence of a greater number of successful female role models and more opportunities for leadership are key contributing factors. For more on the All-Girl Advantage, visit our Why All-Girls page. 

My daughter did not attend a Catholic elementary school. Will this have a negative impact on her being considered for admission?

There are 58 different elementary schools represented across the student body. Our students come from Catholic, private, public and charter schools, as well as being homeschooled. We welcome girls of all faiths and backgrounds.

How old is SJA?

This is our 151st year of excellence. The school was founded in 1868 by the Sisters of St. Joseph on St. Anthony Street (Seventh Street today). The school was moved to the current location in 1941. SJA is the oldest Catholic non-parochial school in Baton Rouge.

When do we apply to SJA?

The admission application opens on October 1. For more details, visit the Apply to SJA page.

When will we know if our daughter is accepted?

Acceptance letters are mailed in February of each year. For more details, visit the Apply to SJA page.

How many students are enrolled in the freshman class?

There are 248 students in this year’s freshman class.

How often do you have Mass?

We have Mass approximately once a month – always on holy days and feast days. We pray together in our classes daily, and we hold retreats for each grade level every year. For more on Faith Development, visit our Faith page.

How many clubs/organizations and sports do you offer?

There are 37 co-curricular clubs/organizations and 11 athletic teams. For more on Student Life, visit the Student Life page.

Can 9th graders play on athletic teams?

An incoming student-athlete must meet the requirements established by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association in order to participate in athletics during her freshman year. For details, contact Athletic Director Dorinda Beaumont at beaumontd@sjabr.org or (225) 388-2290.

Who are the members of the administration?

  • President: Mrs. Jan Rhorer Breen
  • Principal: Mrs. Stacia B. Andricain
  • Dean of Academics: Mrs. Aubrey Cucullu DeJohn
  • Dean of Women: Mrs. Erika Angarita
  • Dean of Curriculum & Instruction: Ms. Aimee Wiles '93

What does it cost to attend SJA?

For the 2019-2020 academic year, tuition is $11,455. Seniors pay an additional $440 senior fee for a total of $11,895. Tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year will be published in February 2020. For more details on tuition, visit our Tuition & Financial Aid page.

Does SJA offer tuition assistance or scholarships?

Yes. SJA offers tuition assistance to qualifying families. An application for tuition assistance must be submitted annually. The Josephine Bahlinger Award is a merit-based scholarship awarded to qualifying incoming 9th graders. For more details on financial assistance, visit our Tuition & Financial Aid page.

What if I already have a laptop or tablet computer or if I find one that costs less in the store?

The tablet computer is owned by the school and is compatible with our network. Students may not use their own computers on campus or in our classes. The tablet is a tool for learning, just as textbooks and lab equipment are, and it is essential that students use the computer issued by the school.

How will the tablet computer be used by my daughter?

The tablet computer will be used to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in all academic areas. Students and teachers can use their tablet computers to access the school’s network and the internet through both hard-wired and wireless networks.

How do SJA students meet guys?

There are plenty of social events with the guys from Catholic High School; for example, dances and some intramural activities. Also, several of the clubs at the two schools meet together, and there are some shared classes.

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For questions regarding admissions at SJA or the application process, please contact our Director of Admissions:
Meredith Smith
Director of Admissions
(225) 388-2243

There are so many reasons why St. Joseph’s Academy is a great fit for every girl. To learn more about SJA, visit our Why SJA page.