Why All-Girls

There is enormous potential and power in being a girl.

In an all-girls’ learning environment, young women explore, learn and grow without fear of failure. They speak their mind, express themselves freely, ask questions, openly engage in the exchange of ideas and find their passion: academically, in athletics and co-curricular activities, in leadership roles, in the arts and in their faith life. They are challenged, inspired, encouraged and prepared for the 21st century world which awaits them.


An Academy young woman develops critical-thinking skills in a culture of achievement. She is challenged to reach her full potential and grows in self-confidence. She is comfortable being herself; therefore, she is able to focus her energies on learning.

SJA places a premium on providing academic opportunities to address the traditional underrepresentation of women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) majors and careers. Our young women develop career aspirations in an environment of support and motivation. 

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From Student Council to SJA Ambassadors, from club officers to athletic team captains, from performing on stage to repairing computers, SJA girls are encouraged to assume leadership roles in ways that are most meaningful to them. Our students develop their own unique skills and talents as they discover the power of being a girl.

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Research shows that girls learn differently than boys. At SJA, our young women are supported by faculty, counselors, coaches and mentors who focus on their success and who know how to meet their educational and developmental needs. SJA students enjoy positive academic and behavioral interactions with their peers, teachers and administrators. They are guided by strong role models who understand the unique needs of girls and how girls learn best.

St. Joseph’s Academy is a member of the International Coalition of Girls Schools. To learn more about why an all-girls' school is the right choice for you, we invite you to watch this video from The International Coalition of Girls Schools:

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The Girls’ School Advantage

The International Coalition of Girls Schools shares powerful research on the benefits and strengths of educating young women in a single-gender environment in its video, The Girls' School Advantage.