Outstanding Alumnae

Celebrating women who embody the Academy’s mission in action

Each year, the St. Joseph’s Academy Alumnae Association bestows Outstanding Alumnae awards upon SJA alumnae who, in day-to-day living, exemplify integrity, moral character, love of God and service to humanity. Award winners are honored annually at the 1868 Dinner, held each spring.

Outstanding Alumnae
Mother Alice Biguenet, CSJ ’15
Lillian Gibbens Kleinpeter ’16
Annie E. D’Agostino ’22
Chetta Cangelosi ’26
Miriam Cooney Abbott ’28
Catherine Gottlieb Boeker ’32
The Honorable Lindy Boggs ’32
Serena "Weenie" Gibbens Borne ’33
Sister Claire Germaine Henritzy, CSJ ’33
Corinne "Reenie" Heroman McLavy ’37
Sister Jean Fryoux, CSJ ’38
Sister Ethel Lusk, CSJ ’38
Sister Oenone Elliot, CSJ ’39
Sister Alice Marie Macmurdo, CSJ ’39
Madeline Ortlieb Nesbit ’40
Sister Mary Thomas Ranzino, OP ’41
Sister Kathleen Brogdon, CSJ ’42
Sister Lydia Champagne, CSJ ’42
Claire Brechtel Collier ’46
Mary Delle Bogan Gerald ’47
Jo Danna Sevin ’47
Sister Carolyn Brady, CSJ '48
Jacqueline “Jackie” Guidry O’Quinn ’48
Patricia "Pat" Martinez Tessier ’49
Junie Baudin Bordelon ’51
Pat Lambert Brignac '51
Jeanne Blanchard McManus ’52
Ann May Torregrossa ’52
Audry Chaney Cashio ’53
Mary Lee Guillot ’53
Elizabeth Ellis O'Neill ’53
Anne Curtis Rigby ’54
Sister Adele Lambert, CSJ ’54
Sister Kathleen Pittman, CSJ ’54
Gay May Town ’54
Hilda Levy Bourg ’55
Barbara Triche Hubbell ’55
Mary Ann Cannatella Raudales ’55
Eleanor Ball Bertrand ’56
Sister Kathleen Bahlinger, CSJ ’56
Sister Dianne Fanguy, CSJ ’57
Elise Gauthier Fryou '57
Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ ’57
Patricia Romans Rokoske ’57
Sister Phyllis Manda, CSJ ’58
Danni Bourgeois Pecue ’58
Sister Lucy Silvio ’59
Lorna Bourg ’60
Pat May Dalton '61
Barbara Gogreve McCurdy ’62
Dr. Elena "Jeannie" Posadas Miller ’62
Cherry Foret Riggs ’62
Karen Tuminello Fawley ’64
Jacqueline Billeaudeau Labat ’64
Dorothy “Dotty” Bowers McCaughey ’64
Kathy Daigre Meares ’64
Elaine DeFrances Ellis ’65
Mary Prosser Heroman ’65
Kathleen Plaisance Balhoff ’66
Alice Dugas Greer ’66
Linda Fryoux Harvison ’66
Barbara McManus ’66
Jo Ellen Kearny ’67
Sharon Ourso Kleinpeter '67
Judy Pierce ’68
Suzanne Turner ’68
Grace Guttner Anderson ’69
Jan Rhorer Breen ’69
Ann Felice Fourrier ’69
Kay Jolly Hoffpauir ’69
Nancy Bernard ’70
Karen Thomas Darnall ’70
Louise Martin-Klaucke, DVM ’70
Tara Nolan Messenger ’70
Charmaine Lastrapes Venters, MD '70
Rosa Mansur Dunn ’71
Jeanne Fourrier, MD ’71
Karen Williams Lewis, MD ’71
Maria "Re" Bologna DiVincenti ’71
Mary T. Heffron deBrueys ’72
Rose DeJohn Fife ’72
Kim Gant Shackleton ’72
Pat Carville Hoffman ’73
Joanie Robichaux Hutson ’73
Karen Ortego Lacroix ’73
Andrea Clesi McMakin ’74
Lisa Bellecci-St. Romain ’74
Roberta Carona Vicari, MD ’74
Jeanne Curet James ’75
Ellen Bogan Lee ’75
Jennifer Wray Cole ’76 (posthumous)
Kristy Roubique ’76
Paula Bogan Drone ’77
Debbie Kleinpeter Gelpi ’77
Kathleen Alley Lovretich '77
Elizabeth Wall Magner ’77
Elizabeth "Liz" Dauzat Seiter ’79
Kathleen Atkinson Crapanzano, MD ’80
Sissy Wall Stephens '80
Lisa Westmoreland Collier ’81
Staci Deumite Duhe ’81
Patricia Brignac Talbot '84
May Wong Tape ’84
Suzie Toups Adler ’85
Kellie Michelli Barton '86
Dede Sabagh Ferrara ’87
Vita Levatino Pagnani ’93 
Christi Gulotta Pierce '95
The Spirit of SJA
The Spirit of SJA Award is given to a member of the St. Joseph's Academy community who has provided years of loyal service but is not a graduate of the Baton Rouge campus. Honorees embrace service to the dear neighbor without distinction; are generous in response to the needs of St. Joseph's Academy; and support the mission of SJA. The Spirit of SJA Award is bestowed upon an individual who embodies the mission of the Congregation of St. Joseph, living and working that all people may be united with God and with one another. 

Spirit of SJA Award Winners
Sister Thecla Kramer, CSJ, 2002 honoree
Sister Felix Loup, CSJ, 2003 honoree
Effie Hickman Greene, 2004 honoree 
Sister Joan Laplace, CSJ, 2021 honoree

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Help us honor our graduates and recognize role models for our students by nominating a St. Joseph's Academy graduate for the Outstanding Alumnae Award.
Please complete the nomination form by October 31 and email it to Cori Martone at  martonec@sjabr.org submit it to the SJA Alumnae Office at 3015 Broussard Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

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