Community Prayer

To intentionally incorporate a variety of meaningful prayer moments into our daily lives, St. Joseph’s Academy pauses at the end of 7th hour each day. This time of community prayer enables us to build a common unity in our faith. For four minutes each day, all members of the Academy community stop, focus and lift our minds and hearts to God in prayer.  We invite you to join us in these prayers.

Maxim Monday

Maxims are short spiritual sayings that Father Jean Pierre Medaille taught to the early Sisters of St. Joseph.

Closing prayer: St. Joseph, pray for us.

Theophany Tuesday

Theophany means an experience of God. On Tuesdays, we will reflect on the lives of the saints and martyrs.

Closing prayer: Saints of God, pray for us.

Wisdom Wednesday

Using the sacred scriptures/Bible, we will reflect on God’s holy word for us.

Closing prayer: Jesus, remember me.

Intercessory Thursday

Intercessory prayers are offered on behalf of a dear neighbor. In keeping with our mission of educating young women as responsible and unifying members of the world community, we will lift up in prayer concerns on the global, national, state, local or SJA levels, as well as desires of our own hearts.

Closing prayer: Compassionate God, hear us.

Reflective Friday

We will gather the Graces of the week, those small acts of kindness and compassion that touched our lives, helping us to weave one heart. We will offer grateful praise to God.

Closing prayer: Good and gracious God, thank you for the blessings of this week. 


For questions regarding Faith Development at SJA, please contact:
Jade Spears
Campus Minister
(225) 388-2296

2023-2024 Charism Theme

Our annual charism themes are inspired by the unique charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph. 
The charism theme for the 2023-2024 academic year is Great-Hearted Love: Serving the Dear Neighbor.


Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ, founder of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, composed 100 short sayings to help the Sisters stay rooted in God’s grace. Read the original Maxims.