Mission Integration

“The Sister of St. Joseph moves always towards profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction.” (Consensus Statement of the Sisters of St. Joseph)

As directed by the goals and objectives in its Faith Development Strategic Plan, St. Joseph’s Academy has created the office of Mission Integration. Ryan Hallford is the executive director.

The work of the office of Mission Integration involves integrating Gospel values, Catholic faith and the Sisters’ charism of unifying love that the faith may permeate every fiber that weaves through our school community. The Office of Mission Integration will lead the development, design and presentation of educational programs and processes for faculty, staff and school leadership formation. And this Catholic mission will be integrated into all student offerings.

Creating a Culture of Sanctity, Joy and Action

Our Christian faith flows from an encounter with Jesus Christ. The charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph is the unique way they have been called into a relationship with Christ and to share unifying love with others. At St. Joseph’s Academy, our formation goals help us build a culture around the specific way our heritage invites us to embrace Gospel values and Catholic faith through the lens of the Sisters’ charism.  

Sanctity, Joy and Action identifies the rhythm of this culture. Sanctity recognizes that God sets us aside for love. As we strip away the false self and embrace our authentic self, this better prepares us for a deeper relationship with Christ and each other. Joy flows forth as this communion of love makes us more alive. But the flame of love is never meant to be selfishly horded but shared with others. With great joy comes great responsibility. Joy moves us to action by which we respond to and imitate the very generosity of God’s mercy and love. In this, we share with others what God has abundantly given to us. For this reason, the formation goals center around this rhythm of the spiritual life.

Formation Goals