While religion and faith development permeate all aspects of St. Joseph’s Academy, theology is taught at each grade level in a classroom setting. All students take a full credit of theology each year and meet each day.

Freshmen begin the year with a unit on self-identity, personal development and adolescent relationships. An overview and in-depth study of the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the New Testament are presented, during which Sacraments and Saints are covered as they pertain to Scripture. Students are afforded an opportunity to nurture an ongoing relationship with God through their study of the CSJ charism, the Liturgical Year and dedicated time given to prayer and spirituality days through which they explore their individual prayer styles and spiritual growth. Opportunities for community service are woven throughout the year. 

Sophomores begin the year with a unit on faith development through the importance of relationships in their lives: relationship with God, others and self. Students focus on the study of Salvation History, specifically attentive to God's Spirit working in the Church throughout its roots, history and present day. This course provides students with opportunities for spiritual growth, particularly by embracing truths offered through movements, people and happenings manifested in Church history. Students will be encouraged to examine their own personal faith in light of the presence of God's Spirit in their lives.    

Juniors begin the year exploring the components of their own personality leading to the study of morality and conscience formation in a Catholic context. The second semester focuses on the role of Catholics in responding to social concerns in today’s society. This includes study of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching in historical context and modern-day application. 

As seniors, students choose paired theology electives. Choices include Theology of the Body, Spirituality and Faith, Theology Through Film and World Religions. 


For questions regarding the Theology Curriculum, please contact:
Kayla Moscona
Theology Department Chair
(225) 388-2282

Class Retreats

As part of the faith formation of each student, our Campus Ministry office and Student Ministers plan grade-level retreats to provide opportunities for personal reflection, the growth of sisterhood and a deepening relationship with our God.

As new high school students, freshmen explore the theme Who Am I?
Sophomore year brings a deeper awareness of God’s presence in our students’ lives with the theme Whose Am I?
Junior year begins the examination of life beyond high school with the theme Who Am I Called to Be?
Senior year invites students into lifelong discipleship of Jesus with the theme I Will Follow.