Illness: Email Student Life Coordinator Cristina Benigno at by 7:30 a.m.
All other reasons: Advance notice from a parent must be sent to Dean of Women Christina Myles at at least one day before the absence for it to be considered. 
A student may not miss more than 15 days in a semester, regardless of whether absences are excused or unexcused.

A student who arrives on campus after the tardy bell must report to the Student Life Coordinator’s office for a tardy slip. Beginning with the third unexcused tardy, an infraction is given. 

Please note that all notifications of absences or tardies must be sent by a parent. We cannot accept requests from students. 

Illness: Any student wanting to check out due to illness must report to the nurse’s office. If necessary, the nurse will call the student’s parent to obtain permission before the student leaves. 
Doctor Appointments: Most routine visits to the doctor should be scheduled outside of school hours. For appointments scheduled during school hours, an email must be sent to Student Life Coordinator Cristina Benigno at When the student returns to school, she must present a note signed by the physician to the Student Life Coordinator to receive an excused absence.

Eight accumulated missed class periods will equate to one full day absent.