Dads' Club

The philosophy of St. Joseph’s Academy states that the “faculty recognizes parents are the primary educators who extend to and share with the school the responsibility for the education of youth. The home and family are viewed as the basic educational environment where values are communicated and character formation is begun and continued. St. Joseph’s affirms the importance of open lines of communication between parents and educators and sees cooperative collaboration as essential.”

Since its formation in 1989, the SJA Dads’ Club has involved students and their parents in activities that support St. Joseph’s Academy, nurture family ties and help the community as a whole. Father-Daughter Day during the fall semester and the SJA Sticker Scramble Golf Tournament during the spring semester have been signature events of the club. Each school year, numerous dads provide hundreds of man hours of service at school events, cooking and serving jambalaya and hamburgers, all to benefit our daughters.

Membership includes current SJA dads, stepfathers, grandfathers, fathers of alums and friends of SJA who have paid annual Dads’ Club dues. The opportunity for service is available through many outlets, including the Habitat for Humanity Committee, Father/Daughter Day Committee and SJA Sticker Scramble Golf Tournament, just to name a few.

You may join and pay your dues online by visiting  Shop SJA.

Committee Descriptions 2020-2021

Grandparents' Day: Prepare and serve 600 meals of jambalaya for freshmen and their grandparents.
Open House: Help set up to welcome visitors to campus and serve meal to Open House volunteers.
Sophomore Retreat: Prepare and serve lunch.
Exam Donuts: Serve students donuts during mid-term exams.
Junior Retreat: Prepare and serve lunch.
Freshman Retreat: Prepare and serve lunch.
Seniors' Last Day: Prepare and service a hamburger lunch for seniors and faculty/staff.
Exam Ice Cream: Serve students ice cream during final exams.
End-of-Year Luncheon: Host an appreciation luncheon for faculty and staff.
Habitat for Humanity Project: Dads and daughters work with students and parents from Catholic High School and Episcopal High School building a home as part of the Habitat program. Dads provide meals.
Father/Daughter Day: This committee organizes a special day for just dads and daughters, including lunch, fun and games.
SJA Sticker Scramble: An opportunity for dads and other SJA supporters to get together for a round of golf and help SJA at the same time. The golf tournament is co-chaired with the Athletic Department. 

Calendar of Events

  • October 15: Open House (Plans TBA)
  • October 26: Sticker Scramble
  • November 9: Freshman Retreat
  • December (Date TBA): Exam Donuts
  • February 1: Junior Retreat
  • Spring (Dates TBA): Habitat for Humanity (weekends)
  • March (Date TBA): Grandparents' Day for 9th grade grandparents
  • March 4: The Soiree
  • March 8: Sophomore Retreat
  • April 18: Father-Daughter Day
  • May 6: Seniors' Last Day
  • May (Date TBA): Exam Ice Cream
  • May 27: End-of-Year Appreciation Luncheon for Faculty and Staff

Executive Committee

President: Ron McDaniel
Secretary/Membership: Brent Alonzo
Treasurer: Mike Brice
Sticker Scramble Chair: Hudson Lemoine
Father-Daughter Day Chair: Chip Magee