Mothers' Club

The philosophy of St. Joseph's Academy states that the "faculty recognizes parents are the primary educators who extend to and share with the school the responsibility for the education of youth. The home and family are viewed as the basic educational environment where values are communicated and character formation is begun and continued. St. Joseph's affirms the importance of open lines of communication between parents and educators and sees cooperative collaboration as essential."

Formed in 1973, the Mothers' Club continues to support the school through active services and spirit-building events. The founding officers were Mrs. William Luikart, president; Mrs. Thelma Macmurdo, moderator; Mrs. Leo Heuvel, vice president; Mrs. Ryan Dauzat, treasurer; Mrs. Jacqueline G. Bramhall, recording secretary; and Mrs. Sidney McNairy, corresponding secretary.

The mission statement of the Mother’s Club defines its purpose as follows: “The mission of the St. Joseph’s Academy Mothers’ Club is to enhance the academic, social, and spiritual lives of the people in the SJA Community including, students, faculty and administration, parents and siblings, and alumnae. The spirit of Christ and His belief in inclusion of everyone shall govern the intent and actions of the organization.”

SJA Mothers’ Club members are actively engaged in service and spirit-building events that heighten and complement their daughters’ experiences as students of St. Joseph’s Academy. Members must have a daughter currently enrolled at St. Joseph's Academy and pay annual dues that help fund many of the services we provide to our students, faculty and administration.

To join Mothers’ Club and pay your dues, please visit SchoolCash Online.

Through a system of active committees, the Mothers' Club hosts the following events and is generously available to support the administration, faculty and students in day-to-day activities of the school. If you would like to volunteer your time to serve in more ways than are listed below, please email Mothers’ Club President Maradith Boone at

Join us now as we support the SJA community!

Committee Descriptions, Chairs and Co-Chairs

Calendar of Events

  • August 4: Welcome-Back Luncheon for faculty/staff
  • October 10: Grandparents Day for 9th grade grandparents
  • October 20: Open House
  • December 3: Placement Exam Reception
  • January 5: Science Fair Reception
  • March 5: Mother-Daughter Brunch & Style Show
  • May 5: Senior Mass & Reception
  • June (Date TBA): Pass-It-On Uniform Sale

Executive Committee

President: Maradith Boone
Vice President: Whitney Graves (921-6129;
Secretary: Connie Lieux (229-4304;
Treasurer: Piper Wilson
Membership: Julie Massey (975-8874;
Past President: Kelly Vaughan
Sticker Shop: Amy Joubert (456-6860;
Mother/Daughter Style Show: Neila Stone (338-0650;
Moderator: Cydney Morris