Tablet Insurance

The insurance policy on your daughter’s tablet computer covers the unit from fire/flood damage, vandalism, natural disasters, power surges due to lightening, accidental breakage (including drops/cracked screens/liquid spills), liquid submersion and theft. The cost of the insurance for the coming year (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021) is $76.

The insurance process is managed in house, and SJA will act as your contact when you need to file a claim. To enroll, please complete the Technology Policy/Insurance form. If you choose not to purchase insurance, please select that option on the form. Please note that we need a signed form on file regardless of your decision to purchase insurance.

Click here to purchase the insurance policy through Worth Ave. Group. This payment portal will be open until July 31. Please note that your insurance will not go into effect until we receive both the electronically signed Technology Policy/Insurance form and payment.


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