Student Life

At St. Joseph’s Academy, we embrace the philosophy that the experiences of our students outside the classroom should be just as rewarding as those inside.

That’s why we offer a wide array of enriching activities and programs that help each student grow in leadership, initiative, responsibility and collaboration. 

Co-curricular activities are provided for the development of interests and talents. Student life is rich in opportunities to discover new talents and grow as well-rounded young women through numerous clubs and organizations and 12 athletic teams. Students are encouraged to use their gifts and abilities not only for their own enjoyment but in service to others, as well. 

Students are able to assume leadership roles in student government, athletics, clubs/organizations and community outreach projects. Through active engagement, students share a strong school spirit and pride as well as the special sisterhood unique to SJA. They also grow in confidence and are better prepared for the challenges they will face after high school. 

Because SJA seeks to develop the whole person, our young women are afforded a vast range of opportunities to find meaningful balance in all aspects of school life. Physical, social and emotional growth and development are at the core of our co-curricular program.

An atmosphere of warmth and encouragement promotes achievement and the formation of relationships among all members of the Academy family. With support from our caring faculty and staff, coaches and mentors, students are encouraged to take risks, try new things and reach their full potential.


For questions regarding Student Life at SJA, please contact our Activities Coordinator:
Aimee Cronan 
Activities Coordinator
(225) 388-2266