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Black Box Company Presents ‘Clue’

The St. Joseph’s Academy/Catholic High School Black Box Company presented its fall production, Clue, November 8-13 in the Academy Arts Center Black Box Theater. Two full casts performed over the five-day run. (There weren’t performances on November 10 because CHS hosted its open house on that date.) 

Clue is based on the 1985 film starring Tim Curry. The show, based on the board game of the same name, follows a mysterious dinner party with six guests and an eccentric butler who leads them through an evening of blackmail and murder. 

This was the Black Box Company’s first performance under new director Miklyn Herrin. “I am incredibly proud of both casts that performed in Clue,” she said. “I can confidently say that my first show was a huge success. Every student in roles both on and off stage was vital to the production, and all of them worked together to pull it off. I applaud their willingness to work with a new director and commit to a new process on top of conquering rehearsing with two casts. I cannot wait to see what we do next.” 

Junior Kailyn Vessel played the role of the Cop. “I enjoyed playing my character because I got to be funny and show my personality through it,” she said. “What I enjoyed most about the performances was being able to hear the audience laughing at all of the jokes. Clue was a great play to bring to the stage because we were able to really portray our characters well while also bringing a smile to the audience members’ faces.”

Sophomore Isabella Walton portrayed Wadsworth. “Having the opportunity to be in this production was one of the best experiences I’ve had this year,” she said. “From the read-throughs to the dress rehearsals, the cast and crew of Clue were skilled and seasoned professionals, and I am so happy I got to work with them.”

Senior Anna Kathryn Nodier said portraying Mrs. Peacock was a challenging experience. “She is a very physical character, and I had to find ways to use my body to make choices, making for a very worth it but exhausting performance,” she said. “I enjoyed audience feedback the most from the performances. It is really hard to rehearse for nobody, so to hear laughing at the jokes you have been saying for months is truly unmatched. Clue was incredible to bring to the stage. After doing many dramatic and serious shows for these past two years, this comedy has brought a new and exciting dynamic into the Black Box. Miklyn Herrin is a great addition to our drama club community, and we can’t wait to see where she takes this club.”

Senior Ella Boone played Ms. White. She said she enjoyed the dramatic aspect of her character. “I most enjoyed getting to interact with my fellow characters on stage,” she said. “Clue was such a great stage because of its humorous aspect. I had to try very hard to stop breaking character during the show.”

Freshman Janie Elliot played the Motorist. She said the role challenged her as an actor. “I had never played a dead body before, and it brought on the challenge of staying still even in uncomfortable situations,” she said. “There were times when a hair was in my face or my hand was bothering me, and I still couldn’t move. This definitely helped me as an actress. The thing I enjoyed the most about the performances was the people I met. It is truly one of the most incredible things I have been a part of. I made so many amazing friends, and it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

Junior Morgan Massey played the Cook. She said the character was a departure from her usual roles. “She was different from any role I’ve had before, and it was a fun challenge for me,” she said. “The performances were a great bonding experience for everyone involved in the show, and I had the chance to even grow closer to my best friends. Clue is a movie that I watched throughout my life with my family, and it was such a full circle moment to be able to participate in a show about the movie that was such an important piece of my childhood.”

Sophomore Lena Guttner played Mrs. Peacock, whom she referred to as a fun character. “It is nice to just act a little crazy and have that craziness be accepted and actually loved by others,” she said. “Mrs. Peacock is meant to be this hysterical woman, so I was allowed to do things that normally would not work for a character but work for her. She is a character where I could mess around and did not always have to be serious.” 

Guttner said she especially enjoyed knowing the audience was enjoying the show. “Having them laugh at the jokes and the character choices you and your castmates make is always such a good feeling,” she said. “When you have an audience that is lively and is giving off the vibe that they are having a good time and enjoying the show that you have spent months working on, it’s a feeling that is hard to describe. Being with my castmates on stage and having fun together was also something I enjoyed about the performances. But nothing will ever compete with the love I have for the audience.” 

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine