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Black Box Company Presents ‘Lord of the Flies’

The St. Joseph’s Academy/Catholic High School Black Box Company presented its fall production, Lord of the Flies, November 3-7 in the Academy Arts Center Black Box Theater. With COVID-caused cancellations in 2020, this five-day run was the drama club’s first live play performance since 2019. The Black Box Company was divided into two casts to bring the drama to stage.  

Based upon the novel by William Golding, Lord of the Flies is the story of a group of English schoolkids who become stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash. With no adults in sight, the youngsters must establish a new society, new rules and, ultimately, a pecking order. As the weeks of survival tick by, the kids become increasingly cutthroat and begin to exhibit the dark side of mankind. 

“I am tremendously proud of these students and the long hours of work to make Lord of the Flies happen,” said Black Box Company Moderator Lily McGill. “This is one of the most technically ambitious plays we have done, and I am so pleased with how it turned out. Although working with two casts required extra work at rehearsal, it was wonderful to see the students create distinct characters and uplift each other throughout the process. We are so excited to continue our year with Talent Night and the spring musical.”

Junior Corinne Moreau portrayed Henry. She said the role enabled her to expand her acting style. “I think being in Lord of the Flies really brought about a new side to my acting that I wasn’t familiar with but I’m ever so grateful for,” she said. “I’ve also made a ton of new friends through the play, and I truly see them all as my family now. I really enjoyed all the great memories I made with everyone, truly. It’s crazy to notice how fast the time flew and what we were all able to put together. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.”

Junior Anna Kathryn Nodier played the role of Roger. She said she was thrilled to be perform in front of a live audience. “I really enjoyed being back and doing what I love with my favorite people,” she said. “The Drama Club has one of the most accepting and welcoming environments that really makes you feel special and a part of something. The last in-person play the Black Box Company produced was Elephant’s Graveyard in 2019, so to be back is truly incredible. I would love to give a shoutout to everyone who made this phenomenal show possible, especially our director, Ms. McGill. We have all worked so hard on making this show the best it could be, and we did just that.”

Sophomore Morgan Massey played Roger in the second cast. She said being part of the cast was a wonderful experience. “I made many new friends and grew closer to old friends,” she said. “Every day was a new experience that I will hold forever. I never once felt left out or unliked because everyone was so loving and open. It was always enjoyable and I had fun even in the stressful times. Though a lot of our characters hated each other, the people portraying them always had fun and we loved each other. I always felt comfortable and supported by my castmates.” 

Freshman Gracie Bergeron portrayed Henry in the second cast. She succinctly summed up her experience: “I’d say what I enjoyed most was just acting and having fun,” she said. 

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos courtesy of Lily McGill