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Dance Students Perform in Concert

Students in Jade McCune’s dance classes presented the 2021 Spring Dance Performance on March 30. The concert, held in the Academy Student Center, was livestreamed to Microsoft Teams and recorded for later viewing. 

Because of COVID restrictions, the dancers were unable to perform at Manship Theater as in years past. To create a show that would work in the gym, The Grammys was chosen as the theme. “Although this year has looked much different than before, we had a blast,” McCune said. “Each class had two Grammy performances. The classes learned some original Grammy performance choreography mixed with our own twist. I was so proud of all of the dancers for their amazing effort and performances and so thankful for everyone who put in extra work to make this show special in such a unique year.”

Spanish and criminology teacher Laura Flandez served as host. Junior Alana Buckley sang while students in Dance IV/V performed a tribute to Whitney Houston.
Senior Lindsey Lanehart said she was grateful for the opportunity to perform. She thanked McCune for her efforts to make the spring performance a reality. “I didn’t think it would be possible to have a show due to COVID, but Mrs. McCune made it possible for us in a safe and unique way,” she said. “As a senior who has taken the dance elective for four years, it was surreal that it was the last time that I was dancing for the show. I’m going to tremendously miss all the memories made at the dance show throughout the years. We all spend so much time perfecting dances and working to make our dances exciting that it was so rewarding to dance in the show.”

Junior Caroline Scrantz said it was great to be on stage. “I had danced for 12 years up until my freshman year, so getting to perform again was a really exciting and nostalgic feeling for me,” she said. “I think everyone was amazing and each part of the show went perfectly, regardless of the changes that were made this year due to COVID.”

Junior Olivia Hotstream said that even without a live audience, the show was an overwhelming success. “Every dancer brought a positive and exciting energy to the dance floor that made the recital so special,” she said. “It was so exciting that we even got the opportunity to perform with the pandemic. Coach Jade worked so hard on each dance to give us the opportunity to have fun and dance our hearts out; we are all so grateful to have a dance teacher with such enthusiasm and optimism. Also, our wonderful host, Ms. Flandez, went above and beyond to make it special for the dancers and the online audience. The entire evening was an extreme success, and I couldn’t have asked for a better time.”

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos courtesy of Hailey Griggs