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Junior Honored as Senator for a Day

St. Joseph’s Academy junior Alana Buckley was selected to participate in the Senator for a Day program for Louisiana Senate District 15. She accompanied Senator Regina Barrow for a day at the State Capitol on May 19.

Buckley attended committee hearings, assisted in researching talking points for legislation and directly participated in the process of lawmaking. Among the highlights of the experience were being introduced to the members of the Health and Welfare Committee by Sen. Barrow as a Senator for the Day with all the rights and privileges and invited to sing the National Anthem in the State Senate Chambers for the opening of the Senate legislative session. 

Sen. Barrow said the Senator for a Day program was designed to get students involved in the process of policy making for the state. “Having Alana as the Senator for a Day for Senate District 15 was wonderful,” Sen. Barrow said. “She was fully engaged throughout her experience. I truly believe the communities are stronger and more resilient when youth are a part of the decision-making process because young people are our future. Alana certainly has a bright future ahead of her.”

Buckley said she enjoyed the opportunity to meet legislators throughout the day as she attended various committee meetings. “I witnessed members of the legislature making decisions that would ultimately impact many people throughout our great state,” she said. She also enjoyed the distinct honor of being “pinned” by Sen. Barrow, receiving a senator’s pin with the Louisiana state seal.

“The day was educational, informative, enjoyable and something I wish more of my peers had the opportunity to experience,” she said.

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos courtesy of Kenyatta M. Honeycutt and Makenzie Morgan