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Mu Alpha Theta Competes in Episcopal Tournament

Members of St. Joseph’s Academy Mu Alpha Theta math club competed in the seventh annual Episcopal School of Baton Rouge Mu Alpha Theta Tournament on November 4. The competition drew 23 schools and approximately 500 participants. 

Individual competition results are as follows: 

Geometry: Rebecca Berlin, honorable mention
Algebra II: Sophia Montalbano, honorable mention
Algebra II: Tiana Khuri, honorable mention
Algebra II: Charlotte Rabb, honorable mention
Algebra II: Angela Le, 1st place
Pre-Calculus: Audrey Elliott, honorable mention
Calculus: Carly Balsam, honorable mention

Team test results are as follows:

Comp Math 1.5: Addison Richard, Charlotte Rabb, Emily Guillet, 3rd place
Comp Math 1.5: Tiana Khuri, Sophia Montalbano, Angela Le, 2nd place
Comp Math 2: Kaiser Stentiford, Mariana Cuadra, Audrey Elliott, Kenzie Stentiford, 2nd place

Interschool Test: 3rd place upper interschool

Sweepstakes: 3rd place

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos courtesy of Mariana Cuadra