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Powerlifting Team Competes in First Meet

The newly created St. Joseph’s Academy powerlifting team made school history on December 18, competing in its first-ever powerlifting meet. The Redstickers squared off against Dutchtown, scoring 48 points to the Griffins’ 68 points. 

With the addition of powerlifting, SJA now competes in all 12 of the female sports sanctioned by the LHSAA. 

Coach Matt Shelton expressed pride in his team’s efforts. “They worked very hard in preparation for the meet, and that hard work was on display,” he said. “The dedication that they have displayed to this point has been a sight to behold. Six a.m. workouts four days a week to compete in a sport that SJA has never competed in is very impressive.”

The following team members scored points toward the team total in their respective weight classes: 

Makenna Quick, 1st place, 455 pounds (145 squat; 85 bench press; 225 deadlift) 

Abbie Turner, 4th place, 335 pounds (115 squat; 65 bench press; 155 deadlift)

Nina Embaugh, 3rd place, 350 pounds (120 squat; 85 bench press; 145 deadlift)

Shelby Soileau, 2nd place, 500 pounds (205 squat; 90 bench press; 205 deadlift)

Mia Demouy, 4th place, 410 pounds (150 squat; 85 bench press; 175 deadlift)

Bella Berry, 3rd place, 420 pounds (135 squat; 70 bench press; 215 deadlift)

Emma Evans, 2nd place, 465 pounds (165 squat; 65 bench press; 235 deadlift)

Julia Serpas, 4th place, 440 pounds (155 squat; 80 bench press; 205 deadlift)

Lindsay Morain, 2nd place, 445 pounds (165 squat; 75 bench press; 205 deadlift)

Audrey Lieux, 3rd place, 330 pounds (100 squat; 65 bench press; 165 deadlift)

Katie Thomas, 2nd place, 405 pounds (130 squat; 70 bench press; 205 deadlift)

Shelton paid tribute to the student-athletes who came together to make competitive powerlifting a reality at St. Joseph’s Academy. “Our first meet is not the final destination, but no matter what the program achieves in the future, one thing is certain: None of it would have been possible without this first group of athletes and the grit and determination they displayed to get this program off the ground.”

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos courtesy of Margaret Moe and Sheri Klemm