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SJA Celebrates Respect Life Mass

St. Joseph’s Academy celebrated the annual Respect Life Mass on January 12. Father John Brown, president of Jesuit High School in New Orleans and uncle of senior Madeleine Brown, was the presider.

Because of the ongoing impact of COVID, the senior class gathered in the Academy Student Center, while the remainder of the student body participated in the mass from their classrooms via livestream on SJA’s Facebook page. Ministers of the Eucharist brought the Blessed Sacrament to communion stations in each building. 

Junior Josie Robinson welcomed those in the Academy Student Center as well as students, parents and friends watching online. Senior Burgin Rome read from the Letter of Paul to the Philippians. Senior Virginia Rader led the prayers of the faithful.

At the conclusion of mass, Dean of Academics Aubrey DeJohn thanked those who helped plan the liturgy and the members of SJABR TV team for their assistance in making a schoolwide celebration possible. She invited Respect Life Club President Camille Domangue to share some of the club’s activities.  

DeJohn called forth the 44 new members of the 30+ Club who have earned a composite score of 30 or higher on the ACT in their junior or senior year. (See separate story for names.) 

Senior Ava Welborn closed the gathering with the singing of the alma mater.

Lending their musical gifts to the celebration were Hugo Andricain, guitar; Alan LeCoq, percussion; and Aimee Urdiales, keyboard. Junior Izzy Gruner and senior Cate Arms served as cantors. Vocalists were Emma Littleton, Hayli Pattan, Annabel Warrington, Ava Welborn, Kaylie Ash, Ava Dunn, Ann Marie Benoit and Ella Kate Aucoin. 

The livestream was produced by faculty members Sara Rounds and Meghan McGinty. Production assistants were SJABR TV team members Abigail Martin, Megan Otterstetter, Lillian Landry, Zoe Davidson, Elise Holder and Evelyn Schaff.

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos by Sara Rounds and Meghan McGinty