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SJA Celebrates Senior Mass 2022

The St. Joseph’s Academy community came together on May 6 to celebrate Senior Mass for the class of 2022. The celebrant was Father Kevin Zubel, director of the Hispanic Apostolate for the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Mass was held in the Academy Student Center.

Senior Ellen Livingston welcomed the large gathering and those watching the livestream on SJA’s Facebook page. “We gather as members of God’s family with hearts full of gratitude and mindful of the mighty works of God given to us by his son, Jesus Christ,” she said. 

Senior Kate Hebert read from Ecclesiastes. Seniors Emma Britton and Ella Kate Aucoin led the prayers of the faithful. 

At the conclusion of mass, Senior Class President Caroline Ruth said SJA has been a warm and welcoming place and one that she’s not prepared to leave. “As much as I wish it wasn’t, it is time for me to say goodbye to this wonderful school and all of the people who have made my experience here so memorable: Sticker sisters, classmates, parents, friends and teachers, all here joining us as we come to the close in this chapter of our lives and prepare for the next,” she said.

She thanked SJA for giving her the foundation for future success. “Thank you to the teachers and staff who work tirelessly each and every day to make our experience here the best it can possibly be,” she said. “And thank you to the 291 women standing right in front of me who have been my sunshine on a cloudy day and who have uplifted me and our classmates when we needed it most.”

Ruth announced that the senior class gift is furniture for the new Café IV in the Student Commons. 

Principal Stacia Andricain said she was inspired by the patience, understanding and resilience of the senior class. “I am proud of the young women SJA will be sending forth to be unifying members of the world community,” she said. “We will pray for you along with our more than 10,000 alums each Wednesday morning. May you continue to be patient, kind and, always, women for others. 

“I ask that you, in turn, continue to pray for St. Joseph’s Academy and for the amazing men and women who worked so hard to educate and care for you,” Andricain added. “Remember the lessons you have been taught, and follow Christ in all things. Continue to serve the dear neighbor with gentleness, joy and peace, and remember that you are a sacred thread in the history of SJA.”

Senior Adrienne Van Duzee led the singing of the Alma Mater. 

Danielle Laird directed the Choir. Serving as cantors were seniors Cate Arms, Ella Kate Aucoin, Alana Buckley, Chloé Khuri, Kaitlyn Savoie and Ava Dunn. Musical accompanists were Aimee Urdiales, piano; Alan LeCoq, drums; and Hugo Andricain, guitar.

Hugo Andricain is SJA’s liturgy coordinator.

The livestream was produced by Media Coordinator Matt Smith and faculty members Meghan McGinty and Sara Rounds. Production assistants were Andi Hayes, Loralei Robinson, Lillian Landry, Ellis Maughan and Evelyn Schaff.

Following mass, the SJA Mothers’ Club hosted a reception for seniors and their parents. Committee chair was Sarah Fautheree. Co-chairs were Tracey McMains and Betsy Ewing, and committee members were Kecia Campbell, Ashley Watson and Nicole Tarleton.

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine