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SJA Elects Student Council Executive Board

The St. Joseph’s Academy student body elected the members of its 2020-2021 Student Council executive board. Students watched the candidates’ speeches on Moodle, then cast their votes on May 12. 

Junior Tiffany Tran was elected president of the student body. Junior Anna Michael Ieyoub will serve as vice president. Sophomore Blake Hester has been elected secretary/treasurer, and freshman Shobe Manuel will serve as communications coordinator. 

Tran said she is grateful to her peers for their votes and is excited to serve as student body president next year. “I have always loved having a role in leadership,” she said. “I have such a passion for SJA and Student Council, and I want to spread that passion to other girls. I can’t wait to make next year so much fun for everyone. Going to SJA has been the best couple of years ever, and I hope to make everyone feel as loved as I do every day. I’m also incredibly excited to be working with Anna Michael as my vice president. We are so close after becoming friends freshman year, and we are so excited to work with Blake and Shobe to implement positivity throughout the school year.”

Ieyoub said she looks forward to using her leadership role to help others. She said the love and support she felt from her peers during the campaign will motivate her to live up to the confidence they have in her. “I love representing SJA in any way I can, and I hope to inspire others to do the same,” she said. “Having the opportunity to represent my class on Student Council has always been an honor for me. High school has flown by, so with this opportunity to now serve the whole student body, I hope to make this year extraordinarily memorable for everyone. Tiffany and I both have such a strong love for SJA, and we hope to share it with our Sticker sisters through service on executive. We are also very excited about working with Blake Hester and Shobe Manuel, two awesome girls who definitely share our love for SJA. I can’t wait to work with these girls to make this year at SJA special.”

Hester said she sought the office of secretary/treasurer to broaden her opportunity to serve her school community. “I want to be able to put myself out there in front of the whole school in a leadership position,” she said. “I want to represent SJA in a big way. As secretary, I bring organizational skills and creativity to the table. I am always willing to come up with new ideas or improve old ones. This year, I am looking forward to being able to lead at the Student Council meetings on exec, and I am also looking forward to Challenge Day and Fun Days. I am ready to be back on campus in the fall to help the school in a big way.”

Manuel, who served as president of the freshman class in 2019-2020, said she ran for the office of communications coordinator because she wanted to be part of the work accomplished by the executive board. “As a member of Student Council, I was able to see all the amazing work they were able to do this past year,” she said. “I knew that I wanted to take part in that, and I would love to be more involved while keeping SJA informed and updated I also enjoy working with others. I love SJA so much and would do anything for this school. I can’t wait to do some of the ‘behind the scenes’ work that makes this school so great. I’m so excited to have this opportunity to represent SJA.”

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director