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SJA Holds Tenebrae Service

St. Joseph’s Academy came together as a school community on March 28 for a Tenebrae, a candlelit service that walked through the last hours of Jesus’ life. The solemn, poignant service was held in the Academy Student Center. 

The Tenebrae began in the classrooms, where a student representative lit a candle to represent the light of Christ. Following a prayer, students followed their class candle bearers to the darkened gymnasium. 

Through readings, prayers and hymns, the Liturgy of Shadows invited students to walk solemnly and attentively with Jesus as he suffered cruelties, betrayal, condemnation and death. After each reading, a candle was extinguished, bringing the service to a darkened, silent conclusion. 

Readers were sophomore Sophie Stelly, sophomore Clare Valluzzo, senior Macie D’Angelo, junior Charley Bergeron, senior Camille Curry, sophomore Louisa deBlieux, junior Sophia Simoneaux and senior Emma Bonney.

Lending their musical gifts to the service were senior Callie Suadi, tenor saxophone; senior Alexis Schmidt, baritone saxophone; senior Anna Crasto and junior Gianna Lavastida, vocals; and Hugo Andricain, guitar.

Junior Lana Nguyen served as audio and lighting engineer.

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director