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SJA Honors Class of 2021

St. Joseph’s Academy honored the class of 2021 at the 55th annual Honors Convocation, held May 19 at Lamar Dixon Expo Center. The evening event was sponsored by the faculty and alumnae of SJA.

President Jan Rhorer Breen welcomed the students and their parents, saying the members of the graduating class had experienced a senior year unlike any before it. “They have been our leaders through times of social distancing and masks, restricted sports and club activities and the cancellation of some treasured traditions,” she said. “Yet they embraced every moment with sanctity, joy and action.”

Theology faculty member Kayla Moscona introduced the 285 members of the graduating class as they were escorted across the stage. Senior Chloé Flowers offered the opening prayer. 

Katie Jeter Valenciano, SJA’s alumnae director and a 2004 graduate of SJA, inducted the members of the class of 2021 – the Academy’s 144th graduating class – into the Alumnae Association and said the red roses they received from the association symbolized their union with 10,480 women who graduated before them. 

Dean of Women Erika Angarita announced the senior class favorites: Sophie Martin, most athletic; Tiffany Tran, most likely to succeed; Bentley Plauché, most school spirit; Malorie Nguyen, most talented; Clare Dillman, best personality; Anna Whitfield, most witty; Sarah Branstetter, most friendly; Celia Dooley, most studious; and Anna Michael Ieyoub, best all around. 

Dean of Academics Aubrey DeJohn called forth the 125 seniors who went above and beyond the required number of service hours during each of their four years at SJA. They were Emma Allen, Abby Arledge, Macy Armbrust, Chanler Aucoin, Caroline Badeaux, Samantha Bass, Erin Beene, Riana Bickham, Adelle Bourg, Sarah Branstetter, Mary Wells Brice, Allie Cagle, Allie Canova, Haley Carney, Alli Casey, Cecilia Castro, Caroline Causey, Peyton Cerise, Olivia Cook, Sydney Coxe, Camille Cronin, Jules Culotta, Caroline Daigle, Madison Danos, Caroline Davis, Kinsey Dearman, Melanie Dietrich, Clare Dillman, Diana Dinh, Alaina Donovan, Marisa Drago, Sarah Ducote, Isabel Duplantis, Julia Dwelle, Anna Camille Eagleton, Jilly Grace Eskew, Sydney Fisher, Claire Fourroux, Olivia Fruge, Charlotte Fuller, Morgan Gallegos, Ella Gardiner, Isabella Gautreaux, Mia Germany, Henri Kate Gifford, Riley Golightly, Grace Granger, Mary Elizabeth Granier, Hailey Griggs, Katelyn Guilott, Anna Kassidy Halphen, Ashley Hanks, Molly Hannie, Sarah Hardin, Lauren Harmon, Sarah Harris, Abigail Harrison, Audri Ana Harrison, Ashlyn Hazlip, Aidan Healy, Jennie Belle Holder, Katie Howard, Eliza Hufft, Olivia Hupperich, Anna Michael Ieyoub, Gracie Jones, Theresa Kadair, Camille Lachney, Cecile Landry, Lindsey Lanehart, Kate Langley, Claire Lazaroe, Megan LeBlanc, Maura LeBleu, Alli Lefeaux, Madeline Rose Lefeve, Elizabeth Lemann, Sydney Lewis, Madison Mabile, Angelle Mall, Haley Marcotte, Mallory Matthews, MaKenzie Maurer, Anna McArthur, Sydnee McDaniel, Katherine Mestayer, Courtney Miceli, Sara Manning Miller, Simone Moreau, Melissa Munoz Sanchez, Abigail Myers, Mary Margaret Netterville, Milan Nguyen, Parker Owenby, Jenny Pham, Lydia Poché, Samantha Poché, Lanie Powell, Kristen Pulliam, Christin Ransome, Olivia Reames, Grace Richard, Katie Belle Rothkamm, Madeline Schexnayder, Morgan Schnebelen, Emma Grace Shannon, Grace Smith, Virginia Smith, Haley Stewart, Alex Stoute, Mary Stuckey, Kelsey Taylor, Danna Thompson, Tiffany Tran, Emily Uter, Zoe Vicari, Gabriela Vince, Emma Vu, Taylor Walker, Sarah Weinstein, Anna Whitfield, Samantha Wilkerson, Brie Wilkins, Cooper Willis and Estelle Yeargain.

Also recognized were the students chosen by their classmates and faculty to crown Mary at the annual May Crowning ceremony earlier this spring: Sarah Branstetter, Clare Dillman, Anna Camille Eagleton, Charlotte Fuller, Hailey Griggs, Anna Michael Ieyoub, Elizabeth Lemann, Mallory Matthews, Sara Manning Miller and Tiffany Tran.

Principal Stacia Andricain announced the winners of SJA’s four major athletic awards. Anna Camille Eagleton received the SJA Scholar-Athlete Award for academic excellence and athletic success. Adelle Bourg received the Sister Ursula Harelson Award, given to an outstanding student and dedicated athlete who is hard-working, selfless, competitive yet humble. Katherine Scully was named the recipient of the Sherri Troxclair Award for courage, determination and perseverance in overcoming obstacles while excelling in sports and making major contributions to the school community. Sophie Martin was named the SJA Outstanding Athlete for excellence in sports and for being both a strong leader and role model for her peers. 

Dean of Curriculum and Instruction Aimee Urdiales announced the recipients of the Distinguished Quality Awards for 2020-2021. Tiffany Tran received the Medaille Outstanding Classmate Award as the outstanding member of the class of 2021. Dhriti Shastri received the Downtown Kiwanis Courtesy Award, voted on by the senior class and given to the senior who is considerate and respectful of others’ thoughts and feelings. Anna Camille Eagleton was given the American Legion Award, voted by her classmates on the principles of courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service to God and the community. 

Bronley Wittmann was awarded the Knights of Columbus Patriotic Award, given to a senior who exemplifies the qualities of hard work in academics, love of God and country and patriotic actions in her daily life. Morgan Gallegos received the Breaking Barriers Grant, established by Laureen Callo ’83 and given to a senior planning to attend an out-of-state school and pursue a major that has not been traditional for women. The award is given to a senior with a demonstrated record of academic and co-curricular achievement and a commitment to service.

DeJohn announced the recipients of SJA’s special memorial awards. Sarah Jane Hardin was named the winner of the Kirstin Elizabeth “Libby” Honoré Memorial Award, given to a graduating senior demonstrating the qualities and spirit of Libby: compassionate, fun loving, hardworking and scholarly. The award was presented by Libby’s parents, Byron and Nicole, and her sister, Lauryn, class of 2017.
Malorie Nguyen received the Allison Grace Honeycutt Memorial Award, given to a senior known for her gentle, caring manner and free-spirited approach to life and who loves working with young children. The award was presented by Allison’s parents, Blayne and Valerie (Plaisance, SJA class of 1979) Honeycutt. 

Sarah Branstetter was the recipient of the Courtney Myshrall Memorial Award, given to a senior who is kindhearted, nonjudgmental and whose outgoing nature and joy for life touch those around her. The award was established by Courtney’s parents, Steve and Sharon Myshrall. Sharon is a 1969 graduate of SJA.

Elizabeth Lemann received the Jeannette Svendson Memorial Award, given to a senior who exemplifies love and kindness, who is always positive and who is filled with appreciation for life. Martin Svendson, one of Jeannette’s brothers, presented the award. 

Dhriti Shastri received the Frank and Maria Bologna Award, given to the senior selected by the faculty as the hardest-working student. The award was presented by Re Bologna DiVincenti, class of 1971, and her husband, David, daughter and son-in-law of Frank and Cookie Bologna. 

Anna Michael Ieyoub received the Cyrus A. Greco Service Award in recognition of her generous service to the school, her classmates, community and the faculty. The award is given in memory of the father of two Academy alumnae, Mary Catherine “Toots” Greco Villere ’68 and Carmela Greco ’69.

Angarita recognized the 96 seniors who will be awarded the Seal of Biliteracy. These students successfully completed a level four foreign language course and earned qualifying scores on the English and reading sections of the ACT. In French, they were Emma Allen, Abby Arledge, Samantha Bass, Abbie Bayham, Anna Beatty, Kylie Brister, Allison Cagle, Olivia Caldwell, Caroline Cargile, Haley Carney, Olivia Cook, Caroline Daigle, Jolie Daigle, Kinsey Dearman, Anna Delafield, Clare Dillman, Brynn Duggan, Emma Duhe, Morgan Gallegos, Ella Gardiner, Isabella Gautreaux, Henri Kate Gifford, Grace Granger, Mary Granier, Emily Hampshire, Molly Hannie, Aidan Healy, Jennie Holder, Olivia Hupperich, Amelia Lambert, Emma Lambert, Elizabeth Lemann, Juliette Lemoine, Sydney Lewis, Haley Marcotte, Sophie Martin, Mallory Matthews, Isabella Messerli, Gabrielle Morris, Melissa Munoz Sanchez, Parker Owenby, Jennifer Pham, Kathryn Ritchie, Catherine Saunders, Morgan Schnebelen, Haley Stewart, Alexandra Stoute, Zoe Vicari, Emma Vu, Cecile Waguespack, Sarah Weinstein, Elly Welsh, Anna Whitfield, Samantha Wilkerson and Doryan Wilkins. In Latin, they were Ainsley Booksh, Caroline Davis, Melanie Dietrich, Isabel Duplantis, Jillian Eskew, Riley Golightly, Lauren Harmon, Jaidyn Holland, Claire Johnson, Theresa Kadair, Britney Nguyen, Christin Ransome, Emma Reine and Emma Rotenberg. In Spanish, they were Caroline Badeaux, Rachel Bourgeois, Sarah Branstetter, Kennedy Carter, Celia Dooley, Kate Dooley, Sarah Ducote, Anna Camille Eagleton, Claire Fourroux, Charlotte Fuller, Victoria Gonzales, Sarah Hardin, Sarah Harris, Virginia Jenkins, Carmen Kellerman, Anna McArthur, Londyn Moreau, Emma Pittenger, Lydia Poché, Samantha Poché, Alessandra Purnell, Emma Shannon, Tiffany Tran, Emily Uter, Victoria Vo, Claudia Willis and Bronley Wittmann.

Angarita recognized outstanding students in each subject area. They were Catherine Rollins, art achievement; Cecile Waguespack, art service; Jillian Eskew, band achievement; Kaira Donaldson, band service; Celia Dooley, chorus achievement, Spanish and Theology; Christin Ransome, chorus service; Charly Hull, dance achievement; Amber Glenn, dance service; Morgan Gallegos, English; Georgia Ieyoub, family and consumer science; Morgan Schnebelen, French; Lauren Harmon, Latin; Ava Grace Moreau, health and physical education; Haley Marcotte, mathematics and science; Lindsey Hutto, media arts achievement; Abby Frens, media arts service; Kate Dooley, social studies; Ainsley Booksh, technology achievement; Patricia Sims, technology service; Georgia Chevalier, theater achievement; and Lanie Powell, theater service. 

Also recognized were the 74 students who earned second academics for maintaining a 3.0-3.499 cumulative grade point average throughout their SJA years. They were Kennedy Albarado, Sophie Andre, Kailee Ash, Kynleigh Avants, Camille Avery, Hayleigh Bercegeay, Madison Boiteaux, Maddie Bourgeois, Alexis Callihan, Kay Callihan, Haley Carney, Kennedy Carter, Alli Casey, Caroline Causey, Georgia Chevalier, Mary Dabadie, Sophia D'Angelo, Audrey Delaune, Addison Didier, Marisa Drago, Sydney Fisher, Chloé Flowers, Katelyn Guilott, Ashley Hanks, Anabelle Houston, Katie Howard, Charly Hull, Ava Jeane, Gabrielle Joffrion, Helene Joffrion, Claire Johnson, Abbi Lane, Lindsey Lanehart, Lauren Larkins, Trinity Laudun, Claire Lazaroe, Jade Le, Dylan LeBlanc, Megan LeBlanc, Maura LeBleu, Madeline Rose Lefeve, Angelle Mall, Anna Claire Manson. Mya Manuel, MaKenzie Maurer, Renee Meyers, Courtney Miceli, Melissa Munoz Sanchez, Hollis Ann Newbill, Malorie Nguyen, Lily Noland, Grace Pizzolato, Bentley Plauché, Lanie Powell, Nicole Prejean, Kristen Pulliam. Emma Reine, Zayne Rome, Emma Rotenberg, Madison Rowan, Camille Schexnayder, Madison Scroggins, Trystan Seeling, Brooke Shiflett, Patsy Sims, Grace Smith, Stafford Smith, Emerson Stafford, Kelsey Taylor, Caroline Van Duzee, Gabriela Vince, Victoria Vo, Brie Wilkins and Cooper Willis.

Urdiales called forth the 97 students who earned first academics for maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 during their high school years. They were Amanda Andrews, Macy Armbrust, Chanler Aucoin, Samantha Bass, Abbie Bayham, Anna Beatty, Erin Beene, Brooke Beychok, Hensley Blackstone, Ainsley Booksh, Brianna Boucher, Brittany Boucher, Adelle Bourg, Rachel Bourgeois, Mary Wells Brice, Kylie Brister, Amelia Bryan, Olivia Caldwell, Khyli Campagna, Allie Canova, Giuliana Cedotal, Annabelle Chenevert, Erin Constant, Olivia Cook, Jules Culotta, Caroline Daigle, Jolie Daigle, Madison Danos, Kinsey Dearman, Anna Delafield, Julia Devall, Melanie Dietrich, Alaina Donovan, Sarah Ducote, Isabel Duplantis, Olivia Fruge, Charlotte Fuller, Ella Gardiner, Emily Gautreau, Anna Gentile, Mia Germany, Margo Giesler, Amber Glenn, Grace Gonzales, Hailey Griggs, Kennedy Guidry, Anna Kassidy Halphen, Ashlyn Hazlip, Jaidyn Holland, Eliza Hufft, Georgia Ieyoub, Gracie Jones, Camille Lachney, Emma Grace Lambert, Cecile Landry, Kate Langley, Alli Lefeaux, Juliette Lemoine, Lexie Lemoine, Emma Madere, Emily Marionneaux, Layla Marrero, Sophie Martin, Maddie Martinez, Kennan Mashon, Mallory Matthews, Anna McArthur, Katherine Mestayer, Sara Manning Miller, Abbey Mitchell, Abigail Moore, Josie Moore, Ava Grace Moreau, Londyn Moreau, Simone Moreau, Abigail Myers, Mary Margaret Netterville, Gabriella Pearson, Katelyn Perricone, Emma Pittenger, Olivia Reames, Grace Richard, Katie Belle Rothkamm, Catherine Saunders, Madeline Schexnayder, Isabelle Schmitt, Olivia Schulte, Grace Scoggins, Katherine Scully, Emma Grace Shannon, Virginia Smith, Haley Stevens, Haley Stewart, Taylor Walker, Elly Welsh, Bronley Wittmann and Estelle Yeargain.

DeJohn announced the 22 students receiving the Principal’s Award for earning all As for semester grades in every class taken over four years. Recipients were Emma Allen, Abby Arledge, Caroline Badeaux, Olivia Cook, Clare Dillman, Celia Dooley, Julia Dwelle, Anna Camille Eagleton, Claire Fourroux, Charlotte Fuller, Morgan Gallegos, Henri Kate Gifford, Molly Hannie, Maisie Jones, Haley Marcotte, Mallory Matthews, Milan Nguyen, Lydia Poché, Isabelle Schmitt, Tiffany Tran, Emma Vu and Samantha Wilkerson.

Seventy-eight students were awarded an honors diplomas for maintaining a minimum 3.8 cumulative GPA while taking at least 11 honors or advanced placement courses during the past four years. They were Emma Allen, Abby Arledge, Caroline Badeaux, Avery Boudreaux, Sarah Branstetter, Belle Broussard, Allie Cagle, Caroline Cargile, Corinne Carnaggio, Cecilia Castro, Peyton Cerise, Camille Cronin, Caroline Davis, Clare Dillman, Diana Dinh, Celia Dooley, Kate Dooley, Brynn Duggan, Emma Duhe, Julia Dwelle, Anna Camille Eagleton, Jilly Grace Eskew, Claire Fourroux, Morgan Gallegos, Isabella Gautreaux, Henri Kate Gifford, Riley Golightly, Grace Granger, Mary Elizabeth Granier, Emily Hampshire, Molly Hannie, Sarah Hardin, Lauren Harmon, Sarah Harris, Abigail Harrison, Audri Ana Harrison, Aidan Healy, Jennie Belle Holder, Macy Howard, Olivia Hupperich, Anna Michael Ieyoub, Virginia Jenkins, Maisie Jones, Theresa Kadair, Carmen Kellerman, Amelia Lambert, Jane Laville, Elizabeth Lemann, Sydney Lewis, Haley Marcotte, Paige Melancon, Isabella Messerli, Gabrielle Morris, Britney Nguyen, Milan Nguyen, Parker Owenby, Sarah Papaneri, Jenny Pham, Lydia Poché, Samantha Poché, Anna Pousson, Alessandra Purnell, Christin Ransome, Kate Ritchie, Catherine Rollins, Morgan Schnebelen, Dhriti Shastri, Mary Stuckey, Kate Thibodaux, Danna Thompson, Tiffany Tran, Emily Uter, Zoë Vicari, Emma Vu, Cecile Waguespack, Sarah Weinstein, Anna Whitfield and Samantha Wilkerson.

Also announced were the honors diploma students who are the highest academic achievers based on the criteria set forth in the SJA handbook. The salutatorian for this year is Lydia Poché. Recognized as the valedictorian for the class of 2021 is Haley Marcotte.  

Andricain thanked the graduating seniors for their patience and understanding during a senior year filled with uncertainty. “You were gracious each time we announced new protocols or decisions that affected your school year,” she said. “For this, I will forever be grateful.”

Danna Thompson offered the closing prayer, and Sarah Weinstein ended the evening with the singing of the Alma Mater. 

The red roses presented to the graduates by the Alumnae Association each year are donated by Liz Batchelor McKowen, class of 1972, in memory of her parents, Alymer Price Batchelor and Audrey Batchelor. 

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine