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SJA Hosts School Science Fair

St. Joseph’s Academy held its annual school science fair on January 8. Student projects were judged by experts from a variety of disciplines. The event was held in the Activity Center.

SJA Science Fair Coordinator Jacqueline Savoia expressed pride in her students’ original research projects. “Several received outstanding reviews and comments from their judges,” she said. “Some of the judges were so impressed with some of these projects that they took extra time to hear more about them. Many students faced unexpected obstacles, which they were able to overcome. I am incredibly proud of this group.”

Results are as follows. An asterisk by a student’s name indicates she has been invited to participate in the 2020 Regional VII Science and Engineering Fair on February 19.

Animal Sciences
Sophia Guillory*, 1st place
Camille Cronin*, 2nd place
Carolyn Herman*, 2nd place
Aries Dove, 3rd place

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Morgan Gallegos*, 1st place
Lucy Richardson*, 2nd place
Caroline Badeaux*, 3rd place
Sarah Harris*, 3rd place
Haley Pittenger, 3rd place

Mary Granier*, 1st place
Mia Germany, 2nd place

Biomedical and Health Sciences
Bronley Wittman*, 1st place
Emily Ordeneaux*, 2nd place
Samantha Poche, 3rd place
Peyton Cerise, 4th place
Layla Marrero, honorable mention
Zoe Vicari, honorable mention 
Molly Hannie, honorable mention

Biomedical Engineering
Amelia Lambert*, 1st place
Emily Marionneaux*, 2nd place

Cellular and Molecular Biology
Dhriti Shastri*, 1st place
Holly Franzo*, 1st place

Carsyn Smith*, 1st place
Emma Lauret*, 2nd place
Parker Owenby*, 3rd place
Macy Howard, honorable mention

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Elizabeth Lemann*, 1st place
Gracie Jones*, 2nd place

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Emma Britton*, 1st place
Catherine Rollins*, 2nd place 
Emma Perrault, 3rd place
Lydia Poche*, 3rd place
Virginia Jenkins, 4th place

Embedded Systems
Katie Howard*, 1st place 
Allee Rogers*, 2nd place
Ainsley Booksh*, 2nd place

Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design
Madison Danos*, 1st place
Brie Wilkins, 2nd place 

Engineering Mechanics
Avery Boudreaux*, 1st place
Ava Kadi*, 2nd place 

Environmental Engineering
Emma Allen*, 1st place
Emily Hampshire*, 2nd place 

Materials Science
Clare Dillman*, 1st place 
Natalie Aptaker, 2nd place
Khyli Campagna, 3rd place

Microbiology (MCRO)
Olivia Hupperich*, 1st place 
Aidan Healy*, 2nd place
Emma Reine, 3rd place
Christin Ransome*, 3rd place

Physics and Astronomy
Corinne Carnaggio*, 1st place
Isabelle Broussard*, 1st place
Theresa Kadair*, 2nd place

Plant Sciences
Cecile Waguespack*, 1st place 
Evelyn Carley*, 2nd place 
Kylie Brister, 3rd place

Robotics and Intelligent Machines
Catherine Ethridge*, 1st place

Systems Software
Jemma Wood*, 1st place

Translational Medical Science
Anna Halphen*, 1st place
Claire Fourroux*, 1st place


Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director


Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine