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SJA Hosts Thanksgiving Prayer Service

St. Joseph’s Academy students participated in a Thanksgiving Prayer Service during their theology classes on November 16. The outdoor service was held on the Batchelor Terrace overlooking the orchard. 

The prayer service included a food offering, with students bringing canned items to a centrally placed table. They were asked to think about and pray for the individuals who would be able to eat a Thanksgiving meal because of their gifts.

Students thought about the various parts of a typical Thanksgiving feast, including the turkey, potato casserole or pecan pie. They also thought about the less-celebrated elements, such as the cranberries. Bright and colorful, they add flair to the table. Students received cranberry cutouts and were asked to write the hidden blessings for which they are thankful.

Participating readers were Molly Ashworth, Ella Aucoin, Avery Bruce, Olivia Cedotal, Karah DiVincenti, Analiese Dufrene, Lena Guttner, Carolyn Herman, Emma Hulse, Madison Jones, Daniela Latil, Ellen Livingston, Shobe Manuel, Zaira Mayeux, Corine Moreau, Laura Purgerson, Virginia Rader, Grace Romero, Rachel Saunders, Anna Claire Scott, Susanna Shields, Rachel Thompson, Claire Waggenspack, Amelia Watson and Anna White. 

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine