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SJA Wins 2020 Regional Science Fair

St. Joseph’s Academy was the top school in the 2020 Region VII Science and Engineering Fair, held February 19 in the LSU Union. By virtue of placing first or second in their category, 21 students will advance to the Louisiana State Science and Engineering Fair on March 16-18. 

SJA’s Science Fair coordinator is Jacqueline Savoia. “I have a true and sincere appreciation to all of the students who participated, and I am looking forward to advancing to the state fair with those who qualified,” she said.

Sophomore Lucy Richardson had the top overall project and earned a spot, along with senior Allee Rogers, in the 2020 International Science and Engineering Fair, set for May 10-15 in Anaheim, California. Junior Olivia Hupperich was invited to participate in the 2020 GENIUS Olympiad in Rochester, New York, June 15-20.

Following are the results from the 70th annual regional science fair.

Animal Science: Sophia Guillory, 1st place; Carolyn Herman, 2nd place

Behavioral and Social Science: Lucy Richardson, 1st place; Morgan Gallegos, 3rd place

Biochemistry: Dhriti Shastri, 2nd place

Biomedical and Health Sciences: Bronley Wittman, 1st place; Emily Ordeneaux, 2nd place 

Biomedical Engineering: Amelia Lambert, 1st place 

Cellular and Molecular Biology: Holly Franzo, 1st place 

Chemistry: Emma Lauret, 1st place; Carsyn Smith, 2nd place 

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics: Elizabeth Lemann, 2nd place 

Earth and Environmental Sciences: Emma Britton, 3rd place 

Embedded Systems: Katie Howard, 3rd place; Ainsley Booksh, 4th place 

Energy, Chemical: Brie Wilkins, 2nd place; Madison Danos, 3rd place

Energy, Physical: Jemma Wood, 1st place; Camille Cronin, 2nd place 

Engineering Mechanics: Emma Allen, 1st place; Natalie Aptaker, 3rd place 

Environmental Engineering: Clare Dillman, 1st place; Evelyn Carley, 2nd place 

Materials Science: Emily Marionneaux, 1st place; Ava Kadi, 3rd place 

Microbiology: Olivia Hupperich, 1st place; Aidan Healy, 4th place 

Physics and Astronomy: Allee Rogers, 1st place; Isabelle Broussard, 3rd place 

Plant Sciences: Cecile Waguespack, 1st place 

Translational Medical Sciences: Claire Fourroux, 3rd place 

Participating students received a number of special awards, as well. 

Clare Dillman: ASM Materials and Educational Foundation Award, RICCO America Award, Science Champion Award, U.S. Stockholm Award
Emily Marionneaux: Society for In Vitro Biology Award
Lucy Richardson: American Psychological Association Award, Naval Science Academy Award, U.S. Air Force Award
Allee Rogers: NASA Earth Systems Award 
Jemma Wood: American Meteorological Society Award

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director


Photos courtesy of Linda Messina and Jacqueline Savoia