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Sophomore Attends FBI Teen Academy

Sophomore Harper Miller spent June 30 at the 2021 FBI Teen Academy in New Orleans. She was among the group of outstanding leaders of the future invited to participate in a day of learning about the “ins and outs of the happenings” of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Participants were able to learn about many of the investigative programs under the jurisdiction of the FBI as well as possible future job opportunities. To apply for the Academy, Miller wrote an essay with the help of SJA English teacher Karen Douet-Wannamaker and submitted a transcript. She successfully graduated at the end of the day-long program. 

“Throughout the day, different special agents came to talk to us about their jobs and what they liked about the FBI,” Miller said. “We spent the morning with the Evidence Response Team and the afternoon with the New Orleans Police Department. We looked at a real case and evidence. The NOPD let us act out different scenarios that might occur.”

Miller said the experience was enjoyable from start to finish. She is excited to share what she learned with the SJA Criminal Justice Club, of which she is a member. “I have always been interested in law enforcement, but recently is when I started looking deeper into it,” she said. “I think there is a place for anyone and everyone in the FBI because of the wide range of jobs they offer. It was a very fun and interesting experience, and I would love to go back.”

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director