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Students Display Research at Science Fair

St. Joseph’s Academy held its annual school science fair on January 6. Student projects were judged by experts from a variety of disciplines. 

Results are as follows. An asterisk by a student’s name indicates she has been invited to participate in the 2022 Regional VII Science and Engineering Fair on February 16.

Animal Sciences
Thelma Toussant*, 1st place
Avery Bruce*, 1st place
Ellie Monsour*, 2nd place
Julia Williams, 3rd place
Bella Palmintier, 4th place
McKenna Croft, honorable mention
Adeline Fields, honorable mention

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Emma Neyland*, 1st place
Katherine Lossett, 1st place
Molly Ashworth, 2nd place
Jordan Territo, 3rd place
Emma Graves, 4th place
Caroline Munson, 4th place

Anna Claire Scott*, 1st place
Grace Dube*, 2nd place
Susanna “Josie” Robinson*, 3rd place
Isabella Lalonde, 3rd place
Olivia Brocato, honorable mention

Biomedical and Health Sciences
Hannah Vaughan*, 1st place
Avery Fautheree*, 1st place
Anna Guidroz, 2nd place
Annabelle Sheets, 2nd place
Avery Watson, 2nd place
Ella Boone, 2nd place
Ellen Adcox, 3rd place
Payton Arbour, 3rd place

Biomedical Engineering
Margaret Moe*, 1st place
Eliska McMillen*, 2nd place

Cellular and Molecular Biology
Corinne Ellis*, 1st place
Rebecca Stanford*, 2nd place
Emma Dalton*, 2nd place

Molly Ritter*, 1st place
Corrine Blanchard*, 2nd place
Evie Pickering, 3rd place
Emma Evans, 3rd place
Jennifer Nguyen, 4th place
Avery Oubre, honorable mention

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Camille Kleinpeter*, 1st place
Cecile Taylor*, 2nd place

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ava Riley Achberger*, 1st place
Elizabeth Kessler*, 2nd place
Caitlyn Rogers*, 2nd place
Alyssa Keowen, 3rd place
Olivia McLin, 4th place

Embedded Systems
Catherine Hardouin*, 1st place
Ryleigh Averett, 2nd place 

Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design
Gabriela Journee*, 1st place
Maria Sereda*, 2nd place 

Energy Technology: Statics and Dynamics
Isabella Clardy*, 1st place
Ella Benjamin, 2nd place

Environmental Engineering
Shobe Manuel*, 1st place
Emma Hulse, 2nd place

Materials Science
Ava Kathryn Nesbit*, 1st place
Mary Jo Dardis*, 1st place
Emma Grace Abadie, 2nd place
Alexia Petikas, 2nd place
Anna Bella Simoneaux, 3rd place

Abigail Kukura*, 1st place
Sommer Nguyen, 2nd place

Valerie Ard*, 1st place
Alex Hulse*, 1st place
Elena Kelly, 2nd place
Claudia Magee, 2nd place
Ava Tittlebaum, 3rd place
Hannah Tranchina, 3rd place
Avery Landry, 4th place
Chloe Sandefer, honorable mention

Physics and Astronomy
Isabelle Gruner*, 1st place
Bella Broussard*, 2nd place
Camille Curry*, 3rd place

Plant Sciences
Amelia Gilcrease*, 1st place
Carly Balsam*, 1st place
Madelyn Wilson*, 2nd place
Kathryn Casey, 3rd place
Hayden Hoffman, 3rd place

Systems Software
Catherine Burkhalter*, 1st place
Virginia Bowen*, 2nd place

Translational Medical Science
Hadley Ewen*, 1st place
Ashlyn Lee*, 2nd place
Vincenza Vendetto*, 3rd place

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine