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Swim Team Wins Optional Meet with 15 Swimmers

With just 15 swimmers, the St. Joseph’s Academy swim team won the October 21 optional last-chance meet against 10 complete teams. The Redstickers outscored the field by more than 100 points at Lafayette Crawfish Aquatics. 

Results are as follows:

200 Medley Relay: Skylar Bordelon, Mignon Prochaska, Isabella Vargas and Aurelia Morgan, 2nd place, 2:13.30; Sophie Farah, Kathryn Trahan, Mary McCormick and Claire Lofland, 3rd place, 2:19.71

200 Freestyle: Caroline Babin, 1st place, 2:16.51

200 Individual Medley: Isabella Vargas, 2nd place, 2:31.45

50 Freestyle: Audrey Rothkamm, 4th place, 27.15; Katie Toncrey, 5th place, 28.21

100 Butterfly: Mary McCormick 4th place, 1:11.20; Rachel Schroeder, 6th place, 1:26.77

100 Freestyle: Audrey Rothkamm, 1st place, 1:01.04; Katie Toncrey, 4th place, 1:04.46; Caroline Babin, 6th place, 1:05.11; Skylar Bordelon, 8th place, 1:07.38

500 Freestyle: Claire Lofland, 1st place, 5:50.87

200 Freestyle Relay: Katie Toncrey, Caroline Babin, Audrey Rothkamm and Claire Lofland, 2nd place, 1:56.39; Abigail Eldredge, Rachel Schroeder, Aurelia Morgan and Kathryn Trahan, 3rd place, 2:11.10

100 Backstroke: Mary McCormick, 1st place, 1:10.95; Skylar Bordelon, 2nd place, 1:11.90; Isabella Vargas, 3rd place, 1:13.19; Sophie Farah, 4th place, 1:16.17

100 Breaststroke: Mignon Prochaska, 2nd place, 1:20.82; Kathryn Trahan, 6th place, 1:36.57

The Capital City Swim League Championship gets under way on October 27 with preliminary rounds followed by finals on October 28. The city meet will be held at Crawfish Aquatics. SJA swimmers are attempting to win the program’s 22nd consecutive CCSL title. 

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director