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Track Team Competes in Three Meets

The St. Joseph’s Academy track and field team turned in stellar performances in three meets between March 14 and 21.

The Redstickers finished first in the Walker High Invitational, held March 14 at Denham Springs High School. They scored 168.33 points to come out on top of the 12-team field. 

On March 19, the JV team competed in the Live Oak JV Meet, finishing first in the six-team field. 

On March 21, the team tied for first in the Denham Springs Relays. 

Top 10 finishers at the Walker High Invitational are as follows.

100 meters: Dillon Landry, 2nd place, 12.42; Jaelyn Jones, 5th place, 12.89

100 meter hurdles: Amelia Lalonde, 3rd place, 17.33; Katie Henry, 9th place, 18.95

200 meters: Dillon Landry, 1st place, 25.46; Jaelyn Jones, 2nd place, 25.69

300 meter hurdles: Amelia Lalonde, 2nd place, 50.69 (personal best); Elly Fabre, 5th place, 54.72

400 meters: Alexandria Stewart, 1st place, 59.50; Berlin Gomez, 3rd place, 1:05.18 (personal best)

800 meters: Michelle Daigle, 1st place, 2:17.18 (personal best); Elise Brown, 2nd place, 2:17.61

1600 meters: Elise Brown, 1st place, 4:57.76 (new school record); Michelle Daigle, 2nd place, 5:05.22 (personal best)

3200 meters: Grace Rennhoff, 1st place, 11:30.42; Hannah Vaughan, 2nd place, 11:41.37

Discus: Marion Buller, 5th place, 79-05.00 (season best); Story Stell, 8th place, 72-10.00 (personal best)

High jump: Kennedy Papillion, 2nd place, 5-02.00; Paige Ullrich, 6th place, 4-08.00 (personal best)

Javelin: Story Stell, 5th place, 78-03.50; Marion Buller, 10th place, 63-04.50 (personal best)

Long jump: Jaelyn Jones, 5th place, 15-08.25

Pole vault: Katie Henry, 4th place, 9-00.00 (personal best); Hadley Ewen, 5th place, 8-06.00 (personal best)

Shot put: Marion Buller, 6th place, 26-07.00; Story Stell, 9th place, 25-07.00 (personal best)

Triple jump: Paige Ullrich, 4th place, 32-04.00 (personal best); Jalaysia Queen, 6th place, 30-10.25

4x100 meter relay: Sara Patterson, Jalaysia Queen, Kennedy Papillion and Brennan Colbert, 7th place, 55.40

4x200 meter relay: Jada Guidroz, Julia Bodin, Amelia Lalonde and Sophia Lalonde, 2nd place, 1:51.92

4x400 meter relay: Berlin Gomez, Jaelyn Jones, Kenney Papillion and Alexandria Stewart, 1st place, 4:15.61

4x800 meter relay: Ainsley Brignac, Melia Hooper, Tianna Khuri and Julia Monzon, 1st place, 10:35.10

Top 10 finishers at Live Oak were the following.

100 meters: Brenna Colbert, 4th place, 14.09; Jalaysia Queen, 7th place, 14.18 (season best); Jordan Williams, 10th place, 14.47

200 meters: Jalaysia Queen, 5th place, 29.20 (personal best); Jordan Williams, 6th place, 29.50 (personal best); Jada Guidroz, 9th place, 30.50

400 meters: Liv Lawrence, 1st place, 1:03.88; Camille Toussant, 2nd place, 1:04.11; Tianna Khuri, 3rd place, 1:04.69; Julia Bodin, 5th place, 1:05.96 (personal best); Jada Guidroz, 6th place, 1:06.69 (personal best); Georgia Martin, 7th place, 1:06.70 (season best)

800 meters: Melia Hooper, 1st place, 2:32.54 (personal best); Tianna Khuri, 2nd place, 2:37.18 (personal best); Claire Lanclos, 4th place, 2:53.24

1,600 meters: Ainsley Brignac, 1st place, 5:34.56 (personal best); Emmaline Ritter, 2nd place, 5:44.22 (personal best); Hope Lemoine, 3rd place, 5:49.91; Camille Vaughan, 4th place, 5:58.16; Grace Martin, 5th place, 5:58.52; Kaiser Stentiford, 6th place, 6:03.52

Discus: Emily Vennen, 1st place, 91-10.00; Gretchen Payne, 2nd place, 68-01.00; Mary Bellelo, 3rd place, 66-00.00; Bree Parms, 4th place, 49.11.00; Raile Green, 6th place, 38-05.00

High jump: Kennedy Papillion, 1st place, 5-00.00; Paige Ullrich, 2nd place, 4-08.00 (personal best); Audrey Rothkamm, 3rd place, 4:04.00; Jalaysia Queen, 4th place, 4-02.00

Javelin: Emily Vennen, 1st place, 94-08.00

Long jump: Brennan Colbert, 1st place, 15-09.00; Camille Toussant, 2nd place, 15-05.00; Jaelyn Jones, 3rd place, 15-04.00; Clarke Carter, 6th place, 13-08.00 (personal best); Audrey LeBlanc, 7th place, 13.06.00 (personal best); Layla Brown, 10th place, 11-05.00

Pole vault: Hadley Ewen, 1st place, 8-06.00 (personal best); Anne Walters, 4th place, 5-06.00

Shot put: Mary Bellelo, 1st place, 25-04.00; Stori Woodruff, 2nd place, 24-06.00; Gretchen Payne, 5th place, 22-00.00

Triple jump: Paige Ullrich, 1st place, 31-02.50

Top 10 finishers at Denham Springs were the following.

100 meters: Dillon Landry, 1st place, 12.36

100 meter hurdles: Amelia Lalonde, 5th place, 17.00

300 meter hurdles: Amelia Lalonde, 6th place, 51.35

800 meters: Michelle Daigle, 1st place, 2:15.69 (personal record); Ainsley Brignac, 3rd place, 2:28.46

Discus: Marion Buller, 7th place, 75-06

High jump: Kennedy Papillion, 3rd place, 5-02.00; Paige Ullrich, 10th place, 4-06.00

Javelin: Story Stell, 6th place, 78-09

Long jump: Jaelyn Jones, 9th place, 14-09.50

Pole vault: Avery Denicola, 2nd place, 8-06.00; Reese Andermann, 5th place, 8-00.00

Triple jump: Paige Ullrich, 9th place, 30-11.00

800 yard sprint medley: Dillon Landry, Jaelyn Jones, Alexandria Stewart and Berlin Gomez, 2nd place, 1:57.02

1600 meter sprint medley: Dillon Landry, Jaelyn Jones, Kennedy Papillion and Alexandria Stewart, 2nd place, 4:24.75

4x200 meter relay: Dillon Landry, Jaelyn Jones, Sophia Lalonde and Alexandria Stewart, 2nd place, 1:44.14

Distance Medley: Elise Brown, Michelle Daigle, Tiana Khuri and Hannah Vaughan, 1st place, 12:39.36

Next up is the Dutchtown Invitational on March 28. 

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director