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Track Team Competes in Two Meets

The St. Joseph’s Academy track and field team competed in two meets on March 10 and 11, with some athletes participating in the Farm Bureau Bronco Invitational at Zachary High School on Friday and others participating in the Catholic High Brothers of the Sacred Heart Invitational on Saturday. 

At Zachary, the team competed without distance runners and finished second with 212 points in the 10-team field. Results follow.

100 meter hurdles: Isabelle Lalonde, 2nd place, 16.93; Elizabeth Gordon, 3rd place, 17.25

200 meters: Jaelyn Jones, 4th place, 26.60

300 meter hurdles: Isabelle Lalonde, 2nd place, 50.83; Havyn Henley, 4th place, 54.44

400 meters: Alexandria Stewart, 1st place, 1:00.48 (personal best)

Discus: Marion Buller, 8th place, 71-01.00 (personal best)

High jump: Riley Wilson, 1st place, 5-04.00; Kennedy Papillion, 2nd place, 5-00.00

Javelin: Avery Landry, 4th place, 92-10.00; Emily Vennen, 5th place, 88-10.00 (personal best)

Pole vault: Rachel Kerr, 1st place, 11-00.00 (season best); Katie Henry, 4th place, 7-06.00

Shot put: Lyndsey Darensbourg, 2nd place, 39-11.00; Marion Buller, 16th place, 24-04.00

4x100 meter relay: Dillon Landry, Riley Wilson, Katie Henry and Anna Katherine Alleman, 5th place, 51.92

4x200 meter relay: Jaelyn Jones, Anna Katherine Alleman, Alexandria Stewart and Dillon Landry, 2nd place, 1:44.74

4x400 meter relay: Jaelyn Jones, Simone Castelluccio, Kennedy Papillion and Alexandria Stewart, 1st place, 4:07.43

At Catholic High, the team competed without varsity sprinters, hurdlers and jumpers and finished second in the five-team field. The team scored 105.33 points. Following is a list of top 10 finishers in each event,

100 meters: Maci Kent, 5th place, 13.34 (personal best); Ella Short, 9th place, 14.01

100 meter hurdles: Elizabeth Gordon, 3rd place, 16.89 (personal best); Amelia Lalonde, 5th place, 17.47 (personal best)

200 meters: Maci Kent, 8th place, 28.63 (personal best)

300 meter hurdles: Madeleine Ferachi, 2nd place, 49.31 (personal best)

400 meters: Qierstin Merrett, 5th place, 1:06.76 (personal best); Georgia Martin, 6th place, 1:06.82; Berlin Gomez, 8th place, 1:07.11

800 meters: Michelle Daigle, 1st place, 2:19.03 (personal best); Ainsley Brignac, 6th place, 2:37.44 (personal best); Emmaline Ritter, 7th place, 2:39.83 (personal best); Stella Vincent, 10th place, 2:43.54 

1600 meters: Elise Brown, 2nd place, 5:06.39 (school record, personal best); Grace Rennhoff, 3rd place, 5:31.23; Emma Claire Hendry, 6th place, 5:46.93; Kaitlyn Francise, 7th place, 5:49.05 (personal best); Julia Monzon, 8th place, 5:53.83; Kathryn Casey, 9th place, 5:57.66 (personal best); Grace Martin, 10th place, 5:58.52

Discus: Marion Buller, 5th place, 70-04.00

High jump: Gabrielle Graff, 2nd place, 4-10.00 (personal best); Audrey Rothkamm, 4th place, 4-07.00

Javelin: Avery Landry, 2nd place, 99-10.00 (personal best)

Pole vault: Rachel Kerr, 2nd place, 10-06.00; Katie Henry, 7th place, 8-00.00 (personal best); Hadley Ewen, 9th place, 7-06.00; Sarah Atkinson, 10th place, 7-00.00

Shot put: Lyndsey Darensbourg, 1st place, 40-06.00 (school record, personal best); Marion Buller, 6th place, 24-06.00

Triple jump: Gabrielle Graff, 1st place, 31-03.00

4x100 meter relay: Maci Kent, Sadie Traylor, Kara Johnson and Rachel Thompson, 5th place, 55.57

4x200 meter relay: Maci Kent, Sadie Traylor, Kara Johnson and Rachel Thompson, 5th place, 1:58.25

4x400 meter relay: Berlin Gomez, Qierstin Merrett, Madeleine Ferachi and Michelle Daigle, 4th place, 4:26.01; Brennan Colbert, Georgia Martin, Amelia Lalonde and Audrey Manda, 7th place, 4:36.59

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director