St. Joseph’s Academy embraces a holistic approach to education. We focus on our students’ physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

Our young women experience a total learning environment that responds to the characteristics and needs of students as adolescents; as members of an affluent society; as young women seeking to form personally fulfilling career plans; as healthy and physically fit young adults; and as persons living in the 21st century. 

As we look to the future, our vision turns to enhancing our health and wellness curriculum, expanding our intramural athletic program and furthering the wellbeing of each student through exercise, conditioning and learning opportunities focused on healthy lifestyles.

Health and Wellness Curriculum

The Health and Physical Education curriculum includes a health and wellness component interwoven with physical education classes for grades 9-12. The four-year curriculum helps students develop interests and skills in life-long activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Students enjoy opportunities to participate in individual, lifetime and team sports. Students develop an appreciation of movement, physical fitness, self-discipline and the wise use of leisure time. 

Intramural Athletics

All SJA students can enjoy athletic competition thanks to our intramural sports program. Each year, our Health & Physical Education Department offers students the opportunity to compete in team or partner sports, which include or have included volleyball, ping pong, lacrosse, badminton, archery, dodge ball, pickleball, flag football, rock climbing, Ultimate Frisbee and more. Academy students can also compete in the coed sports of volleyball (fall) and kickball (spring) with students from Catholic High School.

New activities are offered each year. Many intramural activities/events are held in the fall and repeated in the spring to accommodate the busy schedules of our students.

Walking Trail

As we continue to expand our wellness program, we created a walking trail around the perimeter of our beautiful orchard in close proximity to the Activity Center and the Academy Student Center. Our young women, faculty and staff enjoy opportunities for physical activity to improve fitness and mental health.

Athletic Trainer

A full-time athletic trainer evaluates and treats student-athletes during lunch hours as well as after school. She also provides game coverage for all home athletic events and playoffs. 

The athletic trainer teaches two sports medicine electives at SJA. These popular courses allow students to explore careers in the field; prevent, treat and rehabilitate athletic injuries; and study emergency procedures, nutrition, human anatomy and sports psychology.

School Nurse

A full-time school nurse helps ensure a healthy school environment. She provides first aid and emergency care; health-related communications with the school community; and health advisories as needed. She works with school counselors and members of the administration on student health issues. Our nurse administers prescribed and over-the-counter medications as needed and maintains student health records. She also coordinates health screenings, including annual flu vaccines.

Dining Hall

SJA partners with SAGE Dining Services to provide nutritious and delicious meals for our students. SAGE cooks from scratch and maximizes its use of raw and minimally processed food. Food is grilled, baked, broiled or sautéed to avoid frying. SAGE uses fresh fruits and vegetables and offers whole-grain breads, bagels and rolls. A meatless entrée is offered daily, as are fresh salads. Food is prepared using fresh herbs and spices, reducing the use of salt.

Two hot entrées, made-from-scratch soups, grilled sandwiches, traditional Louisiana favorites and fresh baked goods are offered daily. SAGE also provides resources to help students make good nutritional choices. Cooking/nutrition and wellness demonstrations enable students to learn about ingredients, world cuisines and cooking methods.

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For questions regarding Student Life at SJA, please contact our Activities Coordinator:
Aimee Cronan
Activities Coordinator
(225) 388-2266

Academy Student Center

To maximize their opportunities in a global economy, young women must embrace healthy, fit lifestyles. The Academy Student Center enhances our health and wellness curriculum; continues to grow our sports medicine courses; expands the intramural athletic program; continues to provide facilities for our outstanding interscholastic athletic program; and furthers the well being of each student through exercise, conditioning and learning opportunities focused on healthy lifestyles.

The Counseling Center

High school is a time of significant transition and evolution, and our grade-level counselors, college advisors and wellness educator support our students from admission to graduation. Learn more about the Counseling Center and other resources available to SJA students.