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The mission of St. Joseph’s Academy is to educate young women as responsible and unifying members of the world community. The choices students make for their classes reflect their desire to be well-rounded individuals. As students carefully consider their course selections, many factors come into play: multiple honors/AP courses, performing and visual arts and technology classes, to name a few. Students must learn to balance their academic and co-curricular commitments with their lives away from school. Our goal is to work with our students to assist them in becoming well-rounded young women.

All courses offered within the SJA curriculum are college-preparatory courses. Additionally, SJA offers honors and advanced placement courses for students whose academic records indicate they would benefit from advanced study.

Timeline for scheduling:
February 1-10, 2023: Course selections made online for rising 10th-12th graders.
February 10-March 24, 2023: Teachers approve courses where required; counselors review schedules, and prerequisites are checked. 
April 4, 2023: Parental approval forms are due. Schedule changes are not guaranteed after this date based on staffing and class sizes. 
March and April 2023: Faculty contracts and class sections are finalized. The process of creating a master schedule begins. 
Late July: All schedules available online. 

Once courses are selected, we plan the master schedule. Please be aware that if an elective course is not filled, it will not be offered. We will refer to students’ chosen alternatives to make elective selections. Faculty is hired based on the overall schedule; therefore, we cannot guarantee a student will be able to add a course after parental approval forms are returned on April 4, 2023. Any schedule change requests made after this date will be brought to the Dean of Academics for consideration. Final decisions are made by the administration. Copies of the final schedule will be posted online in late July. We do not honor requests to move the time of a class, change lunch periods or change teachers.

Once the school year begins, changes will be considered based on level changes only (i.e., moving from Algebra II Honors to Algebra II College Prep) for the first two weeks of classes. These requests are honored only if dropping or adding a course does not affect class sizes or teacher load and if the change is possible in the student's schedule. Because electives are not required courses and are based on student choice, schedule changes are not honored after parent approval forms are returned. Only honors or AP elective schedule-change requests are considered. Once summer PE classes begin, students enrolled in the course may not alter their schedule by dropping full-credit electives for unstructured periods or half-credit courses.

After the first two weeks of classes, changes to a student's schedule will only be considered due to extenuating circumstances. A student may not drop a course due to poor grades, teacher issues, a loss of interest or other demands on her time. It is important that students understand the commitment they are making.

If changes are to be made at mid-semester, the following procedures must be followed:

  • The student meets with the teacher concerning the change.
  • The student meets with the Dean of Academics about the change.
  • The parents put the request for a change in writing and provide any medical or related information.
  • The Dean of Academics meets with the teacher(s) involved and approves/denies the change(s).

SJA Course Offerings